For first time parents, they need to learn how to take care of their newborn babies. There are many things you need to consider in order to fulfill your baby’s need.

1. Which method you should use to feed your Newborn baby? According to your preference, you can either breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby. Take consideration of your physician before you decide the method of feeding. The majority of the physician suggests to breast feeding the newborn babies for best nourishment. Some medical research proves that mother’s milk help builds a stronger immune system as it contains enzymes and antibodies. The breastfed babies are also less hypersensitive compared to those who are bottle fed. Some doctor also believes that it helps with an intellect of the child as they grow up.

2. How much sleep required for your baby? The newborn baby does only three activities: - cry whenever uncomfortable, sleep most of the time and Eat. The sleep is very crucial activity of all three because it directly effects on the child’s physical and mental health. As per research it has believed that Newborn babies sleep around 17 hours a day. All babies are not same and their sleep cycles vary accordingly.  Initially baby’s sleep lasts 30 minutes to 3 hours and it will vary throughout the day. By the sixth week you will notice some improvement in sleeping pattern. Newborns either cry or rub their eyes to show as a sign of sleepiness. Remember to put your Newborn baby to sleep as soon as they feel sleepy. It will be wise to adjust your sleeping time, according to baby’s time.

3. How to bath your baby to keep him germs free? Newborn babies don’t need to be bathed daily. Clinically, until the umbilical cord falls off its better to give sponge bath to avoid any chance of infection. Once the umbilical cord has fallen you can give Tub bath to your baby. We have already shared detailed “baby bath guide for New mom”. R for Rabbit also offers baby bathers to ensure safe and comfortable bath for your baby.

4. How to take care of baby’s skin? The baby’s skin is very soft and delicate and make sure to keep it irritation free. That’s why you have to use the products which are specially made for babies. Before you buy those products talk to your pediatrician because not all brands suits to all the babies. Each baby is different. If your baby develops rashes or has a fever then immediate contact to your doctor.

5. When should you give medicine to your Newborn? When it comes to baby, follow the advice of pediatrician very closely. It is important to give the right dose of the medicine prescribed by a doctor. Sometimes doctor’s start with a small dose to ensure that there is no reaction.