Features to Look for While Buying a High Chair

20 Jul 2022
Features to Look for While Buying a High Chair-R for Rabbit

Baby highchair is a must have from the moment your child is able to sit up. Why? Because your kids are too small to dine sitting on the adult table. It is also useful to inculcate table manners in them right from very very young age!

Highchairs currently come with all kinds of features that are really more for the parent or caregiver than the child. Although the nicely padded seat covers make the seats comfortable. Some highchairs have wheels to make them easier to move however this is not necessary. Some of them, now, comes with height adjustable mechanisms to accommodate your child’s growth and to bring the baby closer to the table. There are also adjustable foot rests to accommodate your child’s growth as well.

Highchairs now can be converted into play tables or study table. Some of them have an insert that fits over the tray to give you baby a place to play. The feeding tray on many models come with an inset cup/bottle holder and some models have extra large feeding trays.

The base of the baby highchair should be broad and stable to help prevent the highchair from tipping. If your child leans over the side the chair could tip and injure your child. It is best then to teach your child to sit up all the time. Many highchairs are now foldable for easy storage.

When looking at highchairs some people express opinions about what the
highchair is made of. There are all wood chairs that tend  not to be adjustable in height. There are metal framed highchairs with plastic trays and their are highchairs that are all plastic.

Wear of the high chair can be hazardous. If the vinyl cover over foam is torn the baby could ingest small pieces of foam. Worn locking mechanisms could prevent the tray from staying in place. All belts and clasps should be checked for fraying or tears. The clasps for missing pieces or cracks. Cracked or chipped trays could cause injury or harbor germs. This type of check should be done before purchasing a second hand chair as well.


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