Winter Baby

It’s mid December, the peak time for winters. While we naturally would love to hibernate in this chilly weather. But mummies with new born are more concerned about protecting their baby from winter chills. Since babies cannot talk and express how comfortable they are in the way we have dressed them up, but we are certainly sure, mummies out there sometimes overdo it.

So here are a few tips to dress your baby right and to know how comfortable he/she is in that attire.

  • Start with normally dressing your baby and then adding a layer. So after dressing your child just add a layer of sweater or jacket, pants, cap or hoodie and socks.
  • If covering your baby with a blanket, make sure it is not very heavy. If necessary add two layers to thin blanket instead of one thick blanket.
  • Make sure you baby is resting in correct posture. Rest on tummy is not good for babies as it increases the risk to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It is recommended that your babies sleep flat on back without any pillow and heavy coverings. Make sure even in winters, you do not end up heavily loading your baby with blanket.
  • As you dress up your baby for winter nights, touch his neck and tummy to know how your baby is feeling exactly. They themselves might not be able to express, but you can get an idea easily by touching their belly. If it feels hot, you might want to reduce a few layers to make your baby feel more comfortable. A cool belly means your baby is not able to warm itself and needs another layer.
  • Another way to determine if your baby is warm enough is to feel his/her toes. A baby with warm dress and warm toes is overdressed.
  • Use a soft hat to cover baby’s head and ears. This will protect cold wind from affecting your child. If your baby’s hands are exposed, and if he/she has a habit of sucking fingers, cover them with mittens; because once they get wet they’ll make the baby colder.
  • Baby’s body tend to heat up quickly. Make sure to remove the layers, once you are in a warmer place.
  • If your baby sleeps on bed with you, your body heat is enough to keep him/her warm. In that case, you may want to reduce the layers, dress your baby light and comfortable.

A simple way to understand a baby is to be sensitive to baby’s actions and nonverbal gestures. If he/she is fussing or crying, probably something’s not right and you need to look out if he/she is feeling too hot or too cold.