Pregnancy is the time you have taken utter care of your baby for 9 months. You must have sacrificed a lump of fast foods and a huge stack of dishes to provide right nutrients to your baby for his/her growth.

We all know the importance of mother’s milk in growth and development of kid. So, to keep the breastfeeding time healthier one for bot mom and kid we bring you foods not to eat post pregnancy for better milk production. 


1. Alcohol

 Alcohol can get into the blood stream and in breast milk too. This can be harmful to your little one’s health.  

2. Caffeine 

You have to hinder yourself from having coffee as your baby’s body isn’t prepared to process caffeine as quickly as an adult’s body.  Some times during day time you can have a cup of coffee in limited amount.

3. Chocolate  

 You don’t have to limit yourself from having chocolate entirely. But watch your baby’s behavior and diapers. If she becomes fussy or has a runny poop then its high time for you to cut short your chocolate intake.

4. Parsley or Peppermint  

These 2 herbs are with a risk of low production of milk. If used in small quantity then it will not be a problem for your baby.  If you observe low milk production then you must stop using the 2 herbs in your diet.

5. Dairy Products

Dairy products are the most common problem for a breastfed baby. If your baby has some skin problems or is fussy or if there any sleeping issues then you must avoid some of the dairy products in your diet. While all the dairy is hard to be eliminated, you can test it for a week and if your baby is healthy with no allergies then you can continue your pause on dairy products. 

6.  Citrus    

A new born baby’s GI tract is still immature and some of the citrus fruits can be irritating for your baby.
Citrus can cause spitting up, fussiness or diaper rashes. If you crave for intake of Vitamin C then try having some mango or pineapple instead.  

7. Peanuts

If anyone in your family had any allergy from peanuts then you must stop eating it so that it doesn’t cause any problem to your little one. 

If you are not sure of your baby having any allergy then check for wheezing, rash or hives in your baby. These are symptoms of allergy due to peanuts.   

8. Spicy food

Your baby is not tuned for too much spicy food. In some cases, babies don’t have any problem if mother is having spicy food but that is not the case with majority of babies.

So, cut short your spicy food intake as your baby is not accustomed to it.