If you like to take your baby places in your car, you should take the time to select the best baby car seat for him. Baby car seats are a must for parents who value the safety of their baby. These products allow you to drive your baby safely anywhere and everywhere while making sure that he can sit comfortably and securely so you can focus on the road. Also known as 'infant carrier seats', these specially designed seating for babies that can either be a convertible seat or a rear-facing seat. 

Convertible baby car seats are more practical if you want a versatile means to carry your baby or make him sit in the car. Some seats can be converted into a carry cot, and others can be converted into a rear-facing or forward-facing car seat. When buying car seats, you will find that the weight of your baby categorizes them instead of his age. Group 0 is from birth to approximately 10kg or 22lbs, up to nine months, and group 0+ is from birth to approximately 13kg or 29lbs, between 15 and 18 months. Some baby car seats are designed to be versatile and useful for both groups. 

High-quality baby car seats come with the ECE R44/04 certification to ensure safety. They are crash-tested and engineered to meet and exceed the European Safety standards.  When shopping for a car seat, make sure that it comes with side impact protection. Look for padded wings for a comfortable ride, as these features gently embrace your baby's legs, hips, and head, while the wedge supports the spine. Consider a baby car seat with a washable seat cushion. 

Baby car seats that are convertible into a carry cot can be used as a feeding chair and rocker, too. Consider one that has a built-in canopy, so you can protect your baby from the sunlight. Make sure that there is an adjustable three-point safety belt and a handle, which can be adjusted into four different positions.