baby feeding tips

Nursing is an extraordinary experience for both the mother and the child, and this is why what works for a mom and her baby might not work for another. There are a lot of techniques for better milk flow, clearing of blocked milk ducts etc.

 Tips for proper breast feeding
  • Breast feeding, like other motherly tasks, is not something a first time mother can simply rush into. It needs to be performed properly or there is a risk of upsetting the baby.
  • You can attend a class that is offered at the hospital. It provides you with the basics and encouragement that if the experience is tough at first, the mom and the baby will slowly get used to it.
  • Make sure you don’t follow the clock to check how frequently baby is nursing. Follow your instincts. If your baby is still crying, feed them again, even if you just completed a session.
  • The baby’s mouth should cover a major part of your under nipples. Spending the first few days in the inappropriate technique can be painful, but once you know how to do it, that does the trick.
  • Sometimes, babies find it too hard to start. Latching becomes the main problem. You can get the help of a supplemental nursing system or SNS to get going.
  • You may use lanolin ointment on your nipples during the night and during the day to prevent cracking and bleeding during nursing. This reduces soreness and increases the feeling of being soothed if the skin chafes. This is especially great for those who have fair, thin skin.
  • Latch your baby and feed her ahead of her hunger time. Check for lip smacking or tongue sucking, and at night nurse her frequently to prevent biting and soreness.
  • Relax. This is perhaps the toughest thing to do while breastfeeding, but it is important to remember that both you and your baby are learning.
  • Sometimes latching is a problem right after birth. Unfortunately, some babies do not latch right away, and you need to supplement with formula. Rather than trying round the clock, pumping or even inserting feeding tubes in the baby’s mouth, you can use the plastic breast shield that allows the infant to suck the large plastic nipple and get the milk faster. You can force baby to take your nipple, to be effective in the long run.
  • Most new moms are tensed while nursing. It works to listen to music and even drink cold water that helps deter the painful sensation as baby feeds.
  • See a lactation consultant. If you experience bleeding nipples and mastitis, go with the herbs. Lecithin can help you avoid clogged milk ducts. Blessed thistle increases the flow of milk especially as you get back to work and need to pump. Alfalfa helps enrich your milk. Try the herbs and make a difference.
With the above tips, it should not be tough for new moms to breastfeed their newborns. Try them and feel the difference today.