How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather

Taking care of your little one is always the number one priority for all parents. As soon as we become parents, we want to provide the best care we can for our babies. This starts with extensive research, taking feedback from fellow parents, and trying various products to find the perfect one for our little one. With a million criteria, we choose the one we feel fits the best for our kid.


This is where R for Rabbit swoops in to save the day to make the parenting journey easier for all parents. With a huge product portfolio consisting of a high chair, car seats, feeding range, bathing range etc; R for Rabbit had covered almost every aspect of the parenting journey. Now, with the launch of their baby care range Pure & Beyond, R for Rabbit aims to provide the purest, safest and best baby care products for these little munchkins.


We need a baby care product that can withstand all seasons. One such tricky season is one of our favorites, Winter. All of us share a love-hate relationship when it comes to the winter season. We love to snuggle in with a cup of hot tea and stay cooped up inside. And if you are a new mom, all you want to do is protect your baby from the chilly winds and dropping temperature. As a newborn's immunity is still developing, they’re prone to infections which might always keep you on your toes. But there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to keep your baby warm, healthy, and in the best care. Here’s a guide curated specially for you to know how:


Importance For Perfect Baby Care During Winter Season:

With the organs and immunity still in the development phase, newborn babies need continuous care and attention till they are fully developed and can sustain themselves. But during winters, the drop in temperature can lead to making most of their energy go towards maintaining their body temperature and diverting it from other vital areas leading to a hit for their immunity. This makes it easier for them to fall sick.


Symptoms of Infection During The Winter Season:

1. Severe cough and nausea

2. Trouble breathing

3. Wheezing sounds while sleeping

4. Chest pain

5. Runny nose, fever, fatigue


Tips to follow for best baby care during winter:


Use a Good Baby Lotion

Extreme harsh weather can lead to your baby’s skin getting dry and crinkly. Using a good baby lotion or a baby cream is one of the ways to ensure your baby’s skin remains supple and soft always. R for Rabbit’s Pure & Beyond has the best baby lotion and best baby cream made with Oatmeal and Lavender as the base and enriched with Shea butter and milk to ensure your baby’s skin remains moisturized for a longer duration.


Massage Well With Natural Oils

A good massage is one of the ways to ensure the proper growth and development of your baby. It not only helps stimulate blood circulation but also helps in bone development and nourishment to increase immunity. Use the best baby massage oil like Pure & Beyond’s sesame baby oil or coconut baby oil for skin to gently massage their hair and skin for the best results. 


Don't Load Their Skin With Multiple Products

As a new parent, you’ll tend to get all the products you read that are necessary for your baby’s care. But using everything you read might end up taking all the moisture out of their skin making it dry. Instead, bathe them with a gentle cleanser and baby shampoo like Pure & Beyond’s baby body wash and the best baby soap apply an apt layer of moisturizer to lock all the softness in.


Use Comfortable Clothing For Them

Wrapping them up in all the knitwear like multiple seaters, gloves, caps, socks, etc could end up restricting their moments and making them uncomfortable. Pick the clothes depending on the temperature and cover them up enough to ensure they can freely move and play. Use gloves and socks that keep them warm but are not bulky and restricting.


Abide by Their Vaccination Schedule

Winter is when babies are prone to infections. As their immunity is already low, they are more susceptible to easily falling sick. Hence, ensure you don’t skip any of their vaccination as it will help them develop stronger immunity for their future.


Keep Breastfeeding as and When Necessary

Breast milk is loaded with nutrients and antibodies. Consumption of breast milk will help strengthen your baby’s immunity helping them fight any possible disease. It will not only provide your baby with all important nutrients but the process will also give them warmth from your body.


Take Good Care of Yourself

Last but not least, you have to take great care of yourself. You being the first point of contact with your baby, it is vital to ensure you stay healthy at all times. Look after yourself and disinfect as and when necessary to ensure great care of yourself as well as your baby.


Summarizing up, there are times when you might be taking all the precautions in the world but still you’ll be unable to prevent illness. If your baby still falls sick, contact your pediatrician and follow their guide. Make sure to keep your baby hydrated and warm and ensure you’re there all the time as your presence can comfort them making them heal faster. Worry less and listen to your pediatrician for seamless baby care during the winter season.