6 Things To Know Before Buying A Baby Crib

There are tons of things to prepare when you are about to welcome a new baby into your family!

One of the major decisions is where your little one will sleep. Whether you choose a baby cradle, crib, or bassinet, safety is your top priority.


Below are the points to look for while choosing a cradle.

1. Check for Compliance With Safety Standards

This is the most vital point to remember before buying a cradle. Kindly make sure the product is in sync with safety standards for design, structure, usage, etc. For example, you can go for R for Rabbit’s cradle which offers a wide range of baby gear products and we offer full safety standards certified products. Their baby swing cradle is EN Certified, the most stringent certification defined by European standards for the safety of babies.

2. Pick a Sturdy Baby Cradle Mattress

The mattress inside the cradle should be stable and sturdy. It should fit with ease into the cradle. Always choose a cradle that comes with solid mattress support.


3. Automatic Swing Option

Cute adorable baby cradles have got modern! It is scientifically proven that lightly swinging babies (like in a hammock) are a successful method to help them fall asleep. You can go for a rocking cradle that lets you swing the baby safely. Opt for R for Rabbit Auto Swing Baby Cradle has both an automatic and manual swing mechanism.


4. Opt for Cradle with Either Lockable or No Wheels

You must be tempted to purchase a cradle that has wheels so you can easily move it around. However, it can be a little dangerous as soon as your baby learns to stand up. If you are going for a cradle with wheels, make sure wheels can be locked when not in use.


5. Inbuilt Music to Help Babies Sleep

We all know that Lullabies Cradle is one of the most efficient ways to help babies sleep. But sometimes you are unable/unavailable to sing to your baby maybe you are engaged in daily chores. At that time the lullaby music will help soothe your baby at any time! R for Rabbit Auto Swing Baby Cradle offers 18 tunes and 6 nature sounds to make your baby sleep with ease.

6. Choose a Cradle of a Comfortable Height

Even when your baby is joyfully sleeping away in the cradle, & if you feel the baby’s nap will easily last for some time, you can never be sure! Babies usually wake up frequently when they are hungry or they need a diaper change, miss their mother, etc. This means parents will have to pick up their baby quite a lot of times. Choose a cradle that is of a convenient height for you. Cradle of a Comfortable Height

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