When your baby begins to walk, you might want to help the child learn how to walk as quickly as possible. The best way for you to achieve that is to get a baby walker. Selecting a baby walker is a major decision to make because purchasing an inferior or badly designed baby walker would be dangerous for your little one. There are several factors to put into consideration when choosing a walker for your new born.

Myriads of baby walkers are sold every year. A classic walker is made from a plastic or metal with a suspended seat at the center. Walkers are designed mainly for babies within the ages of 4 and 16 months. Even though some organisations have called for a ban on wheeled walkers due to their safety implications, some parents still by them for their young ones.

Before selecting a baby walker to purchase, bear in mind some of these tips outlined below:

  1. Go for a baby walker equipped with an automatic braking or gripping mechanism to prevent the walker from riding over a step.
  2. Look for a walker that supports your baby's weight and fits snugly on your baby.
  3. Buy a new walker that conforms to the prevailing and compulsory safety standards of your region. The walker should have a safety warning label or sticker clearly displayed on the walker. If it has none, you should look for another walker. You should not compromise the safety of your baby for an inferior and substandard walker.
  4. Ensure that there are no sharp edges or areas on the walker that could trap the tiny fingers of your baby.
  5. Choose a walker that a stable and wide base for support. Ensure that the wheel of the walker has at least a diameter of 50 millimeters.
  6. Do not buy fairly used baby walkers that do not satisfy the recent safety standards for walkers.
  7. Upon sitting on the walker, ensure that your baby's feet make contact with the floor.
  8. Before buying a baby walker, ensure that you choose a place in your house that has a flat or level surface. This place should not have a combination of carpet and wood flooring. The speed with which your baby will roll around will reduce if the walker is used on a rug.
  9. After choosing a baby walker, collapse it while you are still at the supermarket or stall, to make sure that its folding mechanism is in good shape. Some models may pinch your fingers while you are trying to unfold them.

Humpty Dumpty, a safe walker designed in accordance with the safety standards in Europe, is a best entertainer for your child. Every aspect of the design is tailor made for the safety of your baby. It is can be folded when not in use and can be taken for travel. It is built to give new experience to your little one while learning the act of walking.