Baby walker


A walker is a companion of babies which helps them to learn walking and support them during falling.

But how to select perfect companion for the tiny tots?  Walking is a stage when babies are prone to fall or get hurt due to falling and here comes the role of walker to make the process of learning a safer one.

So, buying a walker is mainly about baby’s safety.

Here are some of the tips on how to buy the perfect walker for your baby.


Tip1:  Safety Certification - A walker which is certified for safety like EN 71 certified which make sure he walker is safe in shape, color and size.  

Tip 2: U Shape - U Shape walkers are perfect for your baby as it gives a lot of space for your baby to while using the walker and since it's open from behind so baby legs doesn’t knock and there are no chances of injury to little baby feet.  

Tip 3: Anti Knocking Feature - Baby feet should not touch when they use the walker which can be uncomfortable for the baby so go for a walker with a broad base.  

When baby grow and get walker is a fun game then the baby walks on it pretty fast which can hurt them so its better advisable that you buy U Shaped walker like (R for Rabbit Zig Zag Grand)

Tip 4: Smooth Finishing -  Plastic is a hard material that can harm the baby if the finish is not smooth. So buy a walker which has smooth finishing.  

Tip 5: Anti Fall Feature – This is a big plus for any walker if it has the anti-fall feature. When the baby walker reaches the stairs its brake pad automatically touches the ground and stops.   

Anti fall baby walker

Tip 6:  Adjustable height - Walker’s height has to be adjustable as your baby grows over time so it's better to buy an adjustable walker.

Tip 7: Comfortable Seating – Cushioned seat make the walking experience a more comfortable one, making sure the cloth/fabric used for the seat is not touched as it can make rash on baby’s body.

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