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The time flies by so fast, there was a time you were waiting for your little munchkin to arrive in this world. Now you are noting down different milestones he/she has achieved. As your little angel turned 7 months old what you should expect? One of the huge milestones is your baby can sit upright without any support isn't it exciting? These small milestones are a real stand out memory for parents. It feels like their tiny baby grew up so fast.

Being first-time parents, you must be wondering what kind of physical growth, you should expect from 7 to 9 months old babies? Let me tell you all babies are not same. These all developments are study based. It's not necessary your child hit all milestones in the mentioned month.

baby blog

 As an example, your baby started crawling when she was seven and half month old, but your cousin's son could do it when he was 8 months old. Even for experienced parents, the physical growth of the two babies is different. For example, the first baby started teething when she was 7 months old, whereas the other baby did it when he was 9 months old.

 Hence, don’t be anxious if your child cannot meet all development milestone. They will get there eventually. Some child learns to respond when they hear sound but they don’t crawl easily. It means they are able to do certain things but maybe not all. It would be great if you make some notes about your baby’s growth and note down about his/her new skills. You can use different apps, online diary or maybe keep a Journal. I saw many moms keep a scape book and they also attach pictures to it. That would be exciting to share with your kid once they grow up.

 For first time parents, we have created a list of milestones which you can use as your guideline. If your baby isn't on her track or doesn't reach many of the stages mentioned here, you may consult it with your baby's pediatrician.

Here are some of the milestones for 7 to 9-months-old baby

  1. Started crawling
  2. Sitting upright without any external support
  3. Teething
  4. Babbling
  5. Passing things from hand to hand
  6. Standing up with external support
  7. Waving hands
  8. Clapping hands
  9. Turning heads in the direction of sound
  10. Holding her bottles
  11. Picking objects up with their finger and thumb
  12. Testing your responses to her behavior
  13. Able to distinguish people she knows and strangers
  14. Cruising while holding onto the wall or other furniture

The older your baby, the more skills she may have. If your baby is not able to do some of these things, don't worry too much. It does not mean a problem. She'll reach the phase in the perfect time, soon.