With so many baby carriers for sale online, the selection can be overwhelming. But don’t worry—you can’t go wrong with an ergonomic and adaptable baby carrier. Choose a soft-structured carrier that you can custom-adjust to make it the perfect fit for you and your baby. The best products are designed with multiple adjustments to adapt and even grow with your little one. 

Versatility is another important factor to consider when choosing a baby carrier. You want something that allows multiple carrying options so that you don’t wear out your back and shoulders. It should let you carry you baby in three ways: (1) front carry, facing in, (2) front carry, facing out, and (3) back carry. The best baby carriers for mothers also have convenient pockets that allow easy on-the-the go storage.

Ergonomics should likewise be a priority because wearing the wrong baby carrier can cause you to develop back and hip problems and may even damage your baby’s spine. A truly ergonomic baby carrier puts your little one in a natural and safe position. It should be specially developed to give your baby's head, neck, ships, and spine proper support. It should also be made with breathable fabrics to provide maximum comfort. Padded shoulder straps, meanwhile, ensure that you stay comfortable carrying your baby, too. Wide shoulder and lumbar straps provide proper support by evening out the weight on your shoulders so that you are not overusing just one. Wide lumbar straps support to your waist so that you can carry your baby more easily. Finally, two-way adjustable shoulder and chest straps allow the most comfortable fit. 

Before you buy a baby carrier, read the specifications and check if it is suitable for your baby’s age and weight. Choose a baby carrier that is made of high quality, machine washable cotton fabrics for easy maintenance.