Why diaper has to be super breathable


Usually, mothers are afraid of baby diapers as most of the time they give the rash to their baby. Whenever you select a diaper for the baby make sure it is highly breathable.  Breathability is most important for the healthy rash-free skin and comfort of the baby.

The diaper is generally made of various layers & every single layer has a vital job to do. The outermost layer with the cute print design seals all the waste inside. To make this outer layer waterproof so that the liquids stay inside many diaper brands skip the breathability feature. It’s a win-win situation if you can both trap liquids somewhere while allowing water vapor to escape.

The occurrence of diaper dermatitis is inversely related to the breathability in diapers. Harsh diaper dermatitis decreases to 38-50% in babies wearing highly breathable diapers vs non-breathable diapers.

Tiny pores in the diaper allow the bad odors to escape. The most common reason for a diaper rash is prolonged exposure of the skin to the combo of feces and urine.


Aren’t All the Diapers Highly Breathable?

Absolutely not, it’s a misconception that every single diaper in the market is breathable. Parents usually incorrectly assume the soft cloth-like cover on the back of most of the diapers to be breathable. The porous cloth is simply a cover like a thin film that is not breathable or somewhat breathable.


R for Rabbit Feather Diapers are Super Breathable

We opted to put light and highly breathable fabric that can help promote good skin health and help parents know when it’s time for a diaper change. R for Rabbit feather diaper has 10 million tiny pores for maximum breathability best baby diapers. We used water-based ink on the diaper to put the graphic design which will not harm the baby’s skin. The diapers are very soft, even a touch is enough for parents to feel the comfort baby will have after wearing the feather diaper. The inner locking technology in the diaper seals the liquid inside and doesn’t leak and protects from the rash.

How to test the breathability of diapers?

To test a diaper simply put a diaper on the glass with hot boiling water and over the diaper put one glass container, after sometimes you could see the vapors on the glass vessel which clearly indicates the diaper is breathable.



R For Rabbit diapers are Chemical-free Diapers. Our diapers don’t contain any chemicals. These diapers are free of parabens, latex, phthalates, and chlorine, among other things. Feather Diapers have also passed dermatological tests, pediatrician tests, absorption tests, and fragrance-free tests. Buy R for Rabbit Feather Diaper Here