High chairs are essential for growing babies, especially when it is time to introduce them to solid food and joining the family for meals at the table. The right high chair will make your baby comfortable at the table and have more fun exploring new tastes and textures, while making sure that you can clean up easily. Shopping for a baby high chair does not have to feel like a difficult chore. As long as you prioritize your kid’s safety and comfort, you should be able to find the perfect high chair. Here are a few points to consider when buying a high chair for your baby: 

  • Convertible – Find a baby high chair that your kid can use as he grows older. High-quality high chairs come with a convertible option, which means you can disassemble them to have a separate table and chair. They are cost effective and ensures that your child will have a comfortable place for playing and dining once he learns how to sit upright by himself. 
  • Safety – Make sure it passed safety tests and bears the EN 14988 certification, which is the most stringent certification defined by European Standards for baby high chairs.  To earn this certification, the chair’s mechanical strength and the quality of its parts and colors must pass certain tests. Look for a product with features that can prevent tipping and slipping, even as your baby flails around or moves a lot, as well as a five-point harness to keep your baby in place. To ensure that there are no sharp edges, look for a high chair with an arc design. 
  • A comfortable backrest – Look for a baby high chair with an optimal backrest design to help maintain a correct seated posture for your child. 
  • A wide tray – Spills are common when your baby is learning to eat solid food, so make sure the tray is wide enough to keep them at bay. Consider a tray that is adjustable and easy to clean.