Best Gentle, Moisturizing and Nourishing Baby Bath Products in India

We at R for Rabbit offer the Best Baby Shampoo with Natural Oatmeal & Avocado. Our products include Sensitive Skin Baby Wash with Shea Butter & Oatmeal and Baby Soap with Lavender, Shea Butter, & Oatmeal. All our products are natural and loaded with the best ingredients. These ingredients are precisely curated to offer in-depth nourishment to your baby. Our baby bath products give your baby smooth, seamless, and healthy growth.

Baby Shampoo - Coz Baby Hair Are Adorable, They Need Pure & Beyond

Give your baby total care by nourishing their scalp and making their hair dust-free. R for Rabbit Pure & Beyond shampoo provides the best of both worlds.

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Baby Body Wash - Make Baby's Bath Totally Safe And Full Of Joy With Pure & Beyond

Body wash with a mix of Oatmeal, Lavender & Shea Butter to make bath time safe and full of joy for your baby. Pure & Beyond body wash gives the goodness of nature to your little one's skin.

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Baby Soap - Baby's Tender Skin Needs The Love Which Is Pure & Beyond

Baby's gentle skin needs to be taken care of to the maximum. Choose Pure & Beyond Soap with the goodness of Oatmeal, Lavender & Shea Butter to give them pure care they deserve.

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