Diaper Bag Checklist - What To Pack In A Diaper Bag?

A fully-packed diaper bag is your superhero – it saves your day during an outing with the baby. You need to pack your baby gear right when you travel with the little one. A diaper bag lets you have all the essentials at one place and make life easy for you and the baby. But what goes into the diaper bag depends on the season type, length of your trip, baby’s age and any other special needs that the baby may have.

Here, MomJunction gives you a complete list of things to pack in the diaper bag before you go out.

Diaper bag essentials

Diaper bag extras

Necessities for you

Diaper bag tips

  • Pick a diaper bag with waterproof lining and multiple compartments to keep the items organized.
  • Pack snacks and medicines in zipper bags to prevent leaks.
  • Pack similar items together to avoid confusion.
  • Have two diaper bags – a small one for shorter trips, and large for extended outings.
  • Tote bags and backpacks may also work as diaper bags

Pack all or some of the items mentioned above, based on your child’s requirements. For example, if your baby is on formula, carry only dry formula and water. If the baby is breastfeeding, you can carry expressed breastmilk.

Keep your own essentials separately in a pouch to avoid mixing them up with the baby’s items. Ensure that the important things such as your purse, mobile phone, and keys are easily accessible.

Tip for new moms:

As soon as you get home, remove all the dirty and messy diapers, and take some time to re-stock the bag with missing essentials. Keep it ready so that it is easy to take it when you have to go out, especially in the case of an emergency.

Did we miss out anything here? What essentials do you always pack in your diaper bag? To share your insights with the other moms, write to us.