R for Rabbit’s Essential Baby Products for Newborn [0 to 6 Months]


When a couple prepares to embrace the joy of their lives, there is an inseparable apprehension that they deal with since there are so many things to buy for the newborn, so that there isn’t any compromise with the infant care routine. This is specifically important for couples who are experiencing child rearing for the first time.

If you are sailing in the same boat and have absolutely no idea about what newborn products to purchase, we are here to assist you in all possible ways. R for Rabbit is a brand that specializes in baby essentials and care range, so you get everything on one platform, and that is definitely going to save a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, you have nothing to worry about if you are looking for such products as we offer a top-notch range for our cute little customers. 

R for Rabbit Must Haves For 0 To 6 Months

At R for Rabbit, we have the best-in-class diapers, newborn baby skin care products and baby gear like a carry cot, stroller, cradle and whatnot. You get several options in one product category; hence, it becomes easy to choose something that suits your needs and lifestyle.

When you purchase from us, you are assured of the best quality and prices, so you appreciate the best of both worlds. We apprehend that you are already struggling with a lot of things; hence, we have made the ordering and delivery procedure straightforward for you.

For infant essentials like diapers and wipes that you need repeatedly, you can stock the product since these have long expiry dates.

All newborn baby care products have been designed with the utmost care, and the ingredients used are natural, keeping your delicate tiny tots in mind.

Uniquely Designed Baby Products by R for Rabbit

As a baby care expert, R for Rabbit products are uniquely designed to make parents’ lives easy by letting them render the best care. Some of our products designed for newborns are a must-buy for parents who have no idea about the criteria to choose for their babies.

Here are some most used and essential newborn baby products for newborns:

  • Feather diapers - The R for Rabbit next-gen diapers keep your baby dry for long hours and give you a window to relax since the wetness indicator lets you know when it’s time to change. These diapers are breathable, meaning that air can pass through them, guaranteeing that the infant’s skin stays healthy and there aren’t any rashes. 
  • Feather aqua wipes - Keeping newborns clean is a challenge, and our wet wipes are here to your rescue. Dermatologically tested and with a balanced pH, these wipes let you clean your tot quickly and effectively.
  • Multipurpose carry cot - A carry cot is a great asset for parents who travel often. The 3-in-1 cot can be utilized as a rocker as well as a feeding chair, which means you don’t need to buy separate products as the tot grows. 
  • Feeding bottles - A milk feeding bottle is one of the foremost newborn products that new parents want to purchase, and hence, our range of steel and glass feeding bottles guarantees the best nutrition with safety and convenience.

Choosing the Optimal Design, Safety Features and Best Fitted Baby Products

We believe in offering premium products at affordable pricing, and hence, each of our products is tested and certified as per international standards. Our baby gear range consists of the best newborn baby safety products that every doting parent would want to buy, and the innovative features that we bring along ensure that there is not any compromise with the kiddo’s care and comfort.

The skincare range is naturally formulated for the best cleansing and nourishment. Thousands of new parents love our best baby products for newborns, and so should you.

Do not wait; just search for items you need, place an order and relax while we work to deliver them to your doorstep. Enjoy the best moments of parenthood and keep your child happy and healthy.


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