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Your delicate, cute babies look adorable when sleeping, and every mommy wants their little one to sleep well without any disturbance. However, this is a challenge for new mothers since infants tend to have short naps at night as their bodies are still adjusting to the environment and outer world.

Hence, this problem stresses moms who wish to find ways to make babies sleep longer. Do not worry, R for Rabbit baby cot and cradle is the solution to all your struggles.

In India, the usage of palna for a baby is common to every household, but with changing times, cradles and baby swing cots have replaced the traditional baby zula. Several modern versions are available, so mothers have a lot of choices whenever they plan to buy one.

Our baby cot bed and kids cradle are equipped with the latest features and are made of the best quality material, keeping your child safe and happy at a reasonable baby cot price.

Best Cots & Cradles Available Online in India

If you are searching for baby cots online, R for Rabbit is your destination since the product range combines quality, safety, and utility: a perfect blend that every mom desires. The cots and cribs have unique features like fold-and-go design, wheels to make baby cots mobile and even remote-operated baby cradle cots. And to make the deal more tempting, you get great discounts under the baby cot sale. Thus, now you can buy the best baby cradle swing in India without spending a fortune.

Our cot and baby cradle range has EN-certified models, indicating that every product is tried and tested rigorously to ensure that it meets safety standards. Hence, when you buy a newborn baby cot or a baby cradle swing, you don’t have to worry about durability and safety.

We use high-quality, child-friendly, breathable fabric in all our products, with adequate cushioning at the base so that your little angel feels cozy and sleeps well. Your kiddo will love the cot since it has a toy bar attached to the bed, so don’t be amazed if you see your child waking up cheerful and spending considerable time playing inside the cot.

Uniquely Designed Cots & Cradles Offered Online by R for Rabbit

When you visit the R for Rabbit website, searching for baby cot for sale in India, you will see different models to meet the varied requirements. The hide-and-seek elite baby cot is one of the top-selling products and is popular as it is foldable and easy to carry, even during travel.

The wheels are sturdy and move in one direction only, making the movement smooth along with a locking feature so that you can ensure safety at all times. The hide-and-seek plus baby cot in India takes sleeping comfort up with the feature where you can detach one side of the cot and attach it to your bed during night-time, letting you keep an eye on the baby.

The Lullabies baby swing cradle has an auto-swing feature where a 5-speed motor makes the cradle swing even if you aren’t around. You can control the speed and music with the help of a remote, allowing you to rest and relax.

Selecting the Best Design, Safety Features, and Fitting Size of Cots and cradles

R for Rabbit baby cot online in India is an innovation that moms are loving since it helps make the baby doze off to sleep within minutes, and the comfort ensures longer sleep durations, which is a blessing for all new moms.

We have been very cautious about making the cot and cradle swing the safest place for your child, which would be challenging in a regular jhula or palna.

We also know that babies grow fast; hence, our cots are big enough so your child can use them longer as toddlers. Considering the baby cradle price we offer, you are making the best purchase for your love.


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