R for Rabbit Feeding Product Range For Babies In India

  • Jingle Safari Rattles BIS Certified for Safety - Set of 5 - BPA Free
    Jingle Safari Rattles BIS Certified for Safety - Set of 5 - BPA Free
    Introducing R for Rabbit Jingle Safari Rattle Set made for enjoyable playtime your little one needs. R for Rabbit Jingle Safari Rattles is a pack of 5 cute animals which includes giraffes, elephants, butterflies, butterflies and bees, this set captures your child’s senses. Painted...
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R For Rabbit Feeding Range For Babies 

Your child’s feeding needs keep changing frequently as your child grows. R for Rabbit identifies this fact and has designed premium quality baby feeding products that you can choose according to the child’s age and needs. Every bottle, spoon, and feeding set is made with ultimate love and care for the little feeders. 

Our baby bottles come in diverse colours and shapes to make sure that your little one is relaxed while holding them. The suction power is facilitated and determined by the precise bottle shape. Therefore, when choosing a feeding bottle for your infant, shape is important.

Best Baby Feeding Products in India

Baby feeding products are crucial for every new parent since they render a relaxing window for mothers and let other family members bond with the baby during feeding time. Using the best quality feeding products is necessary since low quality may lead to health issues in the long run.

Baby products like feeding bottles, sipper cups, and feeding spoons are included in the feeding range, making feeding easy and fun. You can easily search and select baby feeding bottles online and get them conveniently delivered right to your home.

Uniquely Designed Baby Feeding Products Offered Online by R for Rabbit

Parent’s most common feeding product for infants and toddlers is a feeding bottle. You can make feeding your baby a trouble-free task with the R for Rabbit feeding products. R for Rabbit offers uniquely designed baby feeding products like Steebo Giffy bottle, Bubble sipper bottle,  First feed box, Silicone baby spoon, and more.

Colic and indigestion are some health issues that babies fed with low-quality feeding products face. R for Rabbit’s uniquely designed feeding bottles are of superior quality, BPA-free, and come in different high-end materials like stainless steel and glass. 

Our baby sipper products are made of PolyPropylene material, which is entirely safe for the baby. Our baby spoon feeder product can be utilised to feed cereals, mashed rice, juices, veggies, and semi-solid food items.

Best Baby Feeding Range Online: Higher Quality, Design & Features

R for Rabbit feeding range for babies is made of high-quality material and comes with features like an insulated body, which is required to keep the drink and food warm for extended hours.

Innovative products like the first feed box make travelling easy since you can store your child’s food in leak-proof, fresh-lock containers and use it whenever needed. Our teether product is made with food-grade Silicone, which is totally safe for your child’s usage.

From our comprehensive product collection, choose from a wide variety of feeding accessories for babies. You can explore and pick from these lovable feeding bottle patterns that will offer liveliness to the baby during the feeding sessions.

Maintaining and Cleaning of Baby Feeding Bottles

Parents need to change the bottles regularly to maintain complete hygiene for their baby. As a parent, you must precisely sterilize the baby bottle and nipple prior to use.

You can utilize a mild utensil cleaner for both the bottle and nipple cleaning. R for Rabbit baby bottles are easy to clean and maintain as compared to the feeding bottles from other brands.


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