R for Rabbit’s Breast Pumps


Breast Pump Collection For Feeding Moms

A breast milk extractor is a boon for new mothers since it renders the benefits of a mother’s milk even when she is away. Some babies have issues feeding directly from the mother’s breast due to premature birth or latching issues. Thus, a baby feeding pump proves to be helpful. 

Mothers who have to return back to work after baby delivery can use the feeding pump for express milk with the least effort in a shorter duration. This means your baby will not be deprived of milk in the most crucial growth phase.

Baby Feeding Pumps Online in India

R for Rabbit offers the best breast pump in India, made of the best quality material and mother-friendly designs that make pumping a quick and easy task. Both manual and electric breast pump options are available for mothers, making the choice easier and more accessible.

Each pump is made with BPA-free, skin-safe material so that mothers can use them daily without any worries. Unlike a regular breast pump, R for Rabbit pumps have soft suction, which makes milk extraction painless and quick. The compact and easy-to-carry models ensure the baby gets the milk everywhere during travel.

Uniquely Designed Baby Feeding Pumps Offered Online by R for Rabbit

The R for Rabbit manual and electric breastfeeding pump have innovative designs. The pump bottle can be directly fed to the little one with the nipple and cap attachment, making it very convenient to store and feed.

R for Rabbit’s manual breast pumps are made precisely to match the baby’s suction patterns and it is a highly secure method to express the milk out. The First Feed Bliss model is the best electric breast pump in India and a best-seller because of features like a silica gel pad and 9-massage and suction levels.

The First Feed Comfort Plus model takes the pumping experience to the next level, with salient features like anti-backflow, smart touch setting display, and 15-level suction modes.

Easy-to-Use Breast Pumps for Breastfeeding Moms

If you are a working mother or might have to stay away from your infant for hours and still want your child to get an uninterrupted supply of breast milk, you will love our milk pumping machine range.

When you pump breast milk in advance, you can keep sufficient milk ready for your baby for the day or night. You can precisely keep the milk refrigerated, and your male partner or other members of the family can feed the baby when they are really hungry.

If one bottle is not sufficient, they can use the other bottle that you have kept ready for your baby. Young mothers can even pump milk after breastfeeding to boost the overall breast milk supply.

Sharing the Workload with Your Family

When you use a pump for extracting breast milk, you do not have to be present to feed your baby and better share the workload with your family members. With this approach, you can better take needed time for yourself, and get sufficient rest and sound sleep.

Pumping milk with breast pumps will even share the caregiving tasks so that one parent does not feel overworked and drained, affecting their health. 

Therefore, mother’s milk is the best for infants, and R for Rabbit helps you achieve this goal effectively with our best-in-class milk pumps. So, be amongst the smart moms and choose an apt pump to meet your child’s feeding needs.


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