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Lightweight Premium Strollers & Prams

Exploring the world with your tiny tot is an exciting affair that every parent dreams of, but it also means that you need to ensure that there is no compromise with the wellbeing, safety measures and complete comfort of the child. 

At R for Rabbit, our premium strollers and prams offer little travellers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and a highly smooth ride. Every stroller we offer has unique modern features catering to Gen-Z travelling needs. Hence, you invest in products priced to go easy on your pocket. 

So, make stress-free travel plans and level up the excitement for a great overall experience with our lightweight strollers.

Our High-Quality Premium Prams and Strollers

At R for Rabbit, we aim to design products that match your lifestyle and cater to your baby’s needs without compromising quality. When you buy premium stroller brands, you are assured of products that meet international standards, and R for Rabbit takes it to the next level with convenience, as all our strollers come with the fold-and-go feature. 

The build is sturdy, and we use the best-quality metal frames to ensure you can use these strollers for infants and toddlers. 

Our lightweight prams can be popped into the rear of your car, so no matter how far you go, you always have the prams for local commutes. If you want to buy strollers for everyday purposes, our products are the best buy guaranteed. 

With the top-notch suspension mechanism and plush cushion, your baby will love the strolls, and you get to spend some quality leisure time together. Sounds cool, right? We have more to add to the fun with the utility features that make storing essentials easy, such as a safety harness and multi-recline features for better sitting posture. With R for Rabbit strollers, you have the best travel buddy that would keep your baby safe.

Uniquely Designed Premium Strollers and Prams Offered by R for Rabbit

We at R for Rabbit design products for our little ones as they deserve the best care and experience, and with our strollers, we have taken it to the next level. 

We also understand that every family has different needs, so we do not restrict our offering to one or two products; all mothers have various choices.

When searching for a premium baby stroller, a great pick would be the Chocolate Ride stroller, which has a sturdy structure and outstanding suspension system that makes riding on bumpy Indian roads cosy. The certified stroller comes with a reversible handle, a 3-recline position, and a 5-point harness, which keeps the baby secured and parents stress-free.

Parents who travel often and need a stroller that can be carried during flight can consider buying the Pocket stroller lite model. The stroller is an EN 1888-certified, lightweight, one-hand foldable product that fits flight cabin storage. A durable steel frame with top-notch cushion quality keeps your little one comfortable even during the summer. 

Another amazing stroller that R for Rabbit offers is the Sugar Pop stroller, and it is popular because of its good quality wheels that can be used on any surface, which means you are free to go for strolls in the evening and let your little one explore the surroundings. 

Optimal Design, Safety Features, and Precise Dimensions of our Premium Strollers

R for Rabbit’s lightweight travel stroller range consists of several products so that mommies can choose one as per their travel needs and desired features. Also, you get various color choices, so no more boring plain strollers. 

You can buy strollers for infants to toddlers as most of our products can accommodate kids up to 3 years of age. Therefore, you will make the best use of the stroller for a long time without any issues. 

The R for Rabbit range offers utility and luxury features like meal trays, storage baskets, rear brakes, and more. Wondering if you need to spend a good amount on this purchase? Not at all. You get the best deals at R for Rabbit, so no more worrying about the price. Just buy a travel buddy to make your travel plans without stress.


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