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Travel Friendly Baby Strollers and Prams


R for Rabbit Travel-Friendly Baby Strollers and Prams

Travelling with a kiddo can be a real challenge, but why worry when we are here with the best travel strollers for you? Yes, you heard it right since at R for Rabbit, we aim to offer baby products that make your life easy and let you create beautiful memories to be cherished forever.

Our range of compact strollers for travel has been curated to meet all travel needs, like a portable, safe, and lightweight pram that you can easily put in the rear of your vehicle, and you are completely and quickly ready to go.

We know that a baby buggy is a must-buy since the comfort of your baby is the utmost priority. So, no more adjustments by carrying the little one in your arms. Buy our amazing travel-friendly prams and get started with the journey.

Best Compact Strollers and Travel-Friendly Prams

R for Rabbit has been constantly working on its products to improve and design options that meet your modern lifestyle and travelling needs. No matter how frequently you travel, our compact designs are easy to fold and take minimum space. But this does not mean we have compromised with comfort and safety.

We proudly state that most of our strollers are EN 1888 certified, which clearly states that the prams are designed as per international standards and are of great quality.

If you are concerned about additional features that ensure ease of use, there isn’t anything to worry about, as we have got you covered with modern features like storage baskets, harnesses, meal trays, and so on.

You just name the desired feature, and we have a model to match your expectations! Are you not really convinced? Check out the lightweight travel stroller range on our website, and we bet you will be amazed at the products and the unbelievable deals we are offering.

Uniquely Designed Compact Strollers and Prams for Travel

At R for Rabbit, we have transformed the traditional baby buggy into a fully loaded foldable baby stroller for travel as we understand changing parent’s desires. The designs are indeed unique and practical, which makes it the best buy. 

The Kiddie Kingdom baby stroller is the top-selling product and is mom-friendly due to its compact and lightweight design. The folding mechanism is very simple, and you can buy it for newborns to kids aged three years. The pram is equipped with the best quality wheel suspension that makes it appropriate for uneven surfaces.

If you want a stroller that folds into a sleek design, the Kiddie Kingdom baby buggy is for you. This certified compact stroller for travel in India comes with a safety harness and UV protection canopy for those sunny days. Your baby will feel comfortable during the stroll as the cushioning is of superior quality.

If you are a frequent traveller and want a hassle-free travel experience, buy the Pocket Stroller Lite. The name comes from the one-hand fold feature, which means you can carry it anywhere, even check-in as luggage during your air travel. It is a stylish pram that comes with a 5-point harness and recline adjustment and, hence, a popular stroller choice.

Optimal Design, Safety Features, and Best Fitted Travel Stroller & Prams

Even though we are offering travel-friendly strollers, we have not compromised with the safety, sturdiness, and utility of our products since we aim to render a complete ride experience to your tiny angels.

We use high-quality metal frames so that the prams are able to bear the weight of your growing child, ensuring maximum usage. The wheels are top-notch and come with brakes so that you do not struggle to stop the pram.

R for Rabbit’s travel-friendly prams are a must-buy for any trip since they occupy minimum space in the car and can be easily carried on a train or flight. Your child ought to be safe with the sturdy harness mechanism, and additional features like a meal tray and storage basket add to the travel experience.


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