5 Practical Stress Management Tips for New Moms in India

Stress Management Tips for New Moms in India: Attaining a Balanced Motherhood Experience

02 Oct 2023
Stress Management Tips for New Moms in India: Attaining a Balanced Motherhood Experience-R for Rabbit

You have just transitioned into motherhood and are already experiencing baby blues; do not neglect it since you may suffer from postpartum depression (PPD). However, you should not worry either, as postpartum stress can be managed if you are an enlightened mum. A survey done by WHO in 2022 stated that 22% of new mothers suffer from postpartum depression in India.

As a new mother, you need to understand that addressing this common yet crucial issue is a requisite for your and your child’s well-being in the long run. If you stay stressed and annoyed, you cannot take care of the little angel that has just arrived in your world.

Being a mother is a life-changing experience, thus in order to appreciate this time, patience and optimism are required. If you are suffering from stress, the first step is acknowledging it and then knowing the strategies to manage it.

This post aims to pitch some efficacious stress management for new moms and reach out to all those women who keep suffering and do not discuss their problems with people around them since they are unaware of why they are feeling low.    

Decoding the Major the Mother Stressors

Fostering and caring for a tiny tot is complicated as new mums face many challenging encounters they need to cope with. Here are some major stressors for new moms in India that should be addressed well in time to stop long-term suffering:

  • First-time moms and fussy babies: Most first-time mothers suffer from postpartum stress in India as compared to second-time moms. The reason behind this experience is that before delivering the baby, women expect motherhood to be smooth. However, the truth is different since frequent issues and no “me time” lead to disappointment.
  • Sole obligation: In India, cultural stress expectation is another reason for postpartum depression since, even today, mommies are expected to take sole responsibility for raising their kids. Lack of support from partners and other family members results in frustration.
  • Perfection: Many mothers suffer from postpartum depression in India since they try hard to be perfect mothers. Sometimes, it is okay to fall short of expectations as every day will bring in new learning, which you should accept and try to improve rather than feeling bad and irritated about.
  • Physical and hormonal changes: Another major reason for increasing cases of postpartum stress in India is that women are unable to accept the physical and hormonal changes that occur post-delivery. You may have put on weight and face problems like acne, hair fall, etc., and you may not like it at all. But it is necessary to understand that this is also part of motherhood, and there are appropriate solutions if you keep calm.

You want to go back to your old self and lifestyle, but motherhood brings in a lot of responsibilities- stay positive and give yourself some time to cope with the change. Slowly and steadily, you will be able to handle everything.

Value and Significance of Stress Management

Stress management for new moms is critical as it interferes with their physical and mental wellness. A depressed mother feels low throughout the day and feels like a failure, which results in severe mood swings and panic attacks. If you feel excessively tired and have irregular sleep patterns, you should not neglect this fact, as these are a few symptoms of postpartum depression.

You may face severe issues like trouble bonding with the baby and anger issues without reason if ignored. Some moms have such severe depression that they start thinking of hurting themselves or the baby. To maintain mental health and emotional resiliency, postpartum depression must be treated promptly.

Some Practical Stress Managing Tips for All the Mommies Out There

Now that we have conferred the primary stressors for mums, here are some valuable tips that you can adopt to evade depression and attain the best quality of life for yourself and your baby. Read on and take advantage of these tips:

Tip 1: Self-Care Practices

We agree that being a mother is a full-time job with lots of responsibilities, but self-care for Indian mothers is also necessary. It is okay to relax and take short breaks whenever you get an opportunity.

Motherhood is not about working throughout the day and tiring yourself; it is about smartly managing the task and spending time on stress relief practices like meditation, yoga, massage, or leisure time, whatever helps you stay calm and happy. Take some time for an activity that you love since this enables you to rejuvenate mentally and emotionally.

Tip 2: Seeking Support

Family support during postpartum plays a vital role as every individual shares the responsibility of raising the child, which releases the burden on the mother. As a mother, you should also know that seeking support and sharing responsibility will not make you a bad mom.

In fact, you will be able to accomplish your duties efficiently. If there is no immediate family to support, pursue help from friends or support groups. There are innumerable groups on diverse online platforms that work to render support for new moms in India. Whenever you need advice on infant care, you can share your apprehensions or experiences with other mums online without compromising your privacy and get helpful advice.

Tip 3: Time Management

Motherhood is a full-time commitment, and therefore, you must know how to balance and manage time. The best strategy for time management for new moms is to plan the daily routine well, which includes feeding, baby bathing, and naptime, while prioritizing tasks based on their importance.

When you are unable to get the intended results, it is sometimes acceptable to let go of a few items. Balancing motherhood and day-to-day routine enable you to stay content without stressing about incomplete work.

Tip 4: Cultural Considerations

You may keep getting input from everyone around you, which may increase the stress, but you should not try to meet everyone’s expectations. Focus on what you feel is suitable for your little one since you will always make the right decision for your baby.

You may opt for traditional relaxation practices like massage therapy and postnatal yoga, as these work as effective stress busters. You can opt for Indian cultural stress relief therapies and get the best solutions for stress management.

Tip 5: Professional Help

If you are facing intense anxiety and stress problems, it is recommended to consult a specialist for accurate diagnosis and recovery. Timely consultation with therapists in India helps manage PPD before it becomes severe. Seek professional help for new moms for a detailed discussion of issues you are facing for the best guidance.

Make sure you check the expert’s background and reviews before consultation, as dealing with depression involves aspects like physical health, mental well-being, and emotional stability. Each element is interlinked with the other and should be taken care of for best results.

Key Takeaways

Mothers want the best for their tots, and this is feasible only when you are in the best physical and mental state. Therefore, do not disregard your well-being, as it may transition into permanent postnatal depression over time. Practice different exercises to stay optimistic and communicate with peers for help whenever needed, as this serves as encouragement for new moms.

Eventually, as a stress management conclusion, we propose you speak about your issues frankly rather than being embarrassed about them. Overlooking indications of PPD would only further complicate the baby care routine, increasing stress levels and impacting your quality of life. Stay happy and give the best possible care and love your tiny tot deserves.

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