Monsoon Hair Care for Babies: Keeping Those Tiny Tresses Healthy and Nourished

24 Jul 2023
Monsoon Hair Care for Babies: Keeping Those Tiny Tresses Healthy and Nourished-R for Rabbit

Monsoon showers bring ease from the roasting heat and humidity, which can become unbearable, especially for babies. Excessive sweating affects your baby’s skin and scalp. Frizzy and damaged baby hair is a severe issue that you must address. 

Your baby has delicate skin and hair. Thus, knowing the right scalp and hair care tips you should follow as a mother becomes crucial.

Understanding the Hair Care Challenges for Kids in Monsoon Season

Monsoons challenge mothers, as they cannot take complete care of their kids’ hygiene and scalp health. Below are points that discuss how the rainy, humid climate affects your baby’s hair care.

  • Frizzy and unruly hair
  • When your baby’s scalp and hair are exposed to excessive humidity, the hair usually absorbs moisture. The cuticles at the end of the hair strands split, and the hair swells. 

    All this leads to frizzy hair and, if not treated, can cause permanent hair damage. As mothers, you will never want this to happen, so here are some hair care tips for kids that you should know and follow.

  • Dryness and dehydration of the scalp
  • During high humidity levels, the hair gets tangled, resulting in weak follicles. If it continues for a long time, this scenario causes hair loss. Yes, even kids can face severe hair loss if you do not follow the right hair care tips during the monsoon. 

    The best way of combating this issue is to moisturize the scalp using the right products. If the scalp is nourished with good quality hair care products regularly, your baby’s hair quality will not deteriorate.

  • Scalp issues and irritation
  • Constant sweating leads to serious scalp issues, irritating your little one. One common problem is dandruff. These white flakes are common but tend to increase in high humidity. Your baby may be annoyed with the itching and scratching of the head frequently. Also, fungal and bacterial infections increase during monsoon season. 

    So, regular cleaning and moisturizing of the scalp and hair is an essential hair care tip in the monsoon season. Remember, you should use the best quality, skin-friendly and chemical-free products on your kid’s skin and scalp.

    Importance of Using the Best Hair Oil for Your Baby

    Hair oiling has been integral to India's baby hair care routine for decades. The oil is believed to nourish the scalp, improve hair quality, and maintain a balanced moisture level to prevent infections. Natural oils from different sources were used for massaging, but as the baby care category has evolved, trusted brands like R for Rabbit have formulated products with the best oil sources. The brand is inclined to render products made with natural ingredients to ensure your kids get the best care.

    Oiling is one of the few essential hair care tips for kids. Pure & beyond cold pressed almond and coconut oil is one of the best hair oils for babies of any age. The formulation of the oil is given below:

    • Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a trusted and tested hair care product. It is readily absorbed and, thus, improves scalp health. Also, it repairs damaged and dry hair.
    • Almond oil: Almond oil provides all vitamins that coconut oil lacks, making Pure & Beyond hair oil a complete nourishment for your baby’s hair care. Almond oil is a highly rich source of Vitamin E which is believed to enrich the scalp leading to healthy follicles.
    • Oat oil: This oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that render a soothing experience to your baby. It hydrates the scalp and hair, making the strand stronger.

    The significant benefit of using hair oil for kids is that it provides accurate moisture, which prevents brittle, split and dry hair. Thousands of mothers have adopted R for Rabbit Pure & Beyond Hair Care Oil products for their babies. As happy customers, they suggest such valuable hair care products to others. The oil has been stated to be free from chemicals like parabens, petroleum, silicone, sulphate, etc. This makes it ideal for kids with sensitive skin types.

    Pure & Beyond almond and coconut oil is cold pressed, meaning no chemically processed oils are used. Cold pressing involves the extraction of oil from nuts and seeds at very low temperatures. Hence, the oil derived during this process retains its properties. This is why Pure and Beyond hair oil is an excellent product for the monsoon season. This is one of the most vital hair care tips for monsoon season once you try the product yourself.

    How to Incorporate the Oil: Hair Care Tips for Kids

    Oiling is a process that mothers should follow religiously to achieve a baby’s healthy scalp and nourished hair. Every baby is different, so mothers should adopt a routine according to the requirements. Here are some hair care tips for monsoon season that will help you:

  • Pre-bath massage: Massaging is a great practice that mothers have been practising for kids since birth. Massaging allows the oil to be absorbed into the scalp properly, which leads to improved results. Pure & Beyond hair oil gets readily absorbed into the scalp, so you get maximum benefit. 
  • Shampoos cleanse the hair, washing away the moisturizing agents from the scalp. This is why the hair gets frizzy after washing. Pre-bath hair oiling is all about providing the scalp with extra moisture. After rinsing off the shampoo, some oil content ensures the moisture level is appropriate, leading to nourished hair. Below is a step-by-step guide on massaging the oil into your baby’s scalp and hair before bathing:

    • Always begin the massage from the scalp. Take some oil in your palm and apply it to the baby's hair roots and scalp.
    • Leverage your fingertips in a circular motion to massage the oil into the scalp precisely. This improves blood circulation and makes your baby feel calm. 
    • Once the oil is absorbed in the scalp, use a small quantity of oil on the hair, moving from roots to tips.
    • Remember to apply oil on the tips properly to avoid split ends due to lack of nourishment. You should know that hair tips tend to get the slightest nourishment from the scalp.
    • Keep the oil for 30 minutes to one hour and wash it away with a chemical-free, soft shampoo.
  • Post-bath application: People usually believe applying oil post-hair wash may result in sticky hair. But this is not true with Pure & Beyond hair oil, as the formulation is natural and readily absorbed. 

    If you wish to avoid tangled and frizzy hair after shampooing, you need a few drops of hair oil. Apply it to the damp hair and get smooth and shiny baby hair. Also, oiling helps in easy detangling, which keeps your baby happy while his hair and scalp are nourished with the best ingredients.

  • Overnight nourishment: Applying oil overnight is an excellent way of maximizing the benefits of oiling. It allows better absorption of oil during sleep. You can use a small quantity of oil, gently massage your baby’s scalp at night, and let him sleep over. 
  • Besides nourishment, your baby will have a relaxed and calm sleep as the massage works magic for kids. To avoid stained pillows and bedding, placing an old towel or bed sheet over the kid’s pillow is advised.

    Additional Hair Care Tips During Monsoon

    Oiling works wonders during monsoons, but you should remember some important aspects for better results each time. A few such valuable tips are:

    • Use a gentle shampoo: Always buy a gentle baby shampoo for your kid, as your child’s scalp and hair are delicate compared to adults. Buy a shampoo that is made for sensitive skin and is dermatologically tested, like Pure & Beyond Baby Shampoo by R For Rabbit. This ensures that the formulation will not have any harmful effects in the long run.
    • Ignore chemically formulated products: The market is full of baby hair care products claiming excellent results, but sadly, most marketed products are chemically formulated and do more harm than good. 

    Whenever you buy hair care products for your baby, choose a reliable brand that offers products with natural ingredients. Do not go by fancy names, as these would only damage your little one’s hair.

    • Maintain hygiene: During monsoons, you should wash your hair frequently to remove excess sweat and dirt. Longer intervals may lead to oil and dirt accumulation on the kid’s scalp, resulting in fungal or bacterial infection.

    Key Takeaways

    A hair care routine is of extreme significance in monsoon; hence, you should be vigilant. Try Pure & Beyond hair oil by R for Rabbit; you will be amazed at the results. 

    Following the routine is essential so your baby can enjoy the season and stay happy and healthy. Keep all hair issues at bay by using the best hair care products for your kids.

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