How color affects your baby - Part 2

22 Jul 2021
How color affects your baby - Part 2-R for Rabbit

Hello all! Hope you enjoyed reading our first part about effects of colors on baby's growth & development. If you haven't read it yet, you may read it here

Let's continue knowing more about what other colors can you add to your nursery.

Green: Is calming, refreshing & nurturing color.

Green is nature’s color. Ever been out in the green fields, lush green park or lawn. How does that feel? Refreshing isn’t it? That’s what green does to your baby too! Green helps reduce depression, nervousness and anxiety, provides a feeling of revival, self-control and harmony. A great color to use in your baby’s nursery.

Blue: Soothing, cool color

Blue in all ways is super cool color. But heard of something known as blues? Yes, blue is also color of depression. Stay away from dull, greyish shades of blue and dark colors like navy blue. Use sky blue to enhance the vastness in the room and make it more lively.

Violet: Associated with knowledge imagination and inspiration.

Violet is a rare color in nature. It is beneficial to headaches, reduces stress, and supplies a peaceful environment. Promotes inner strength, wisdom, kindness, creative talent and creativity. Use lighter tones like lavender and lilac to give luxurious look to your child's nursery.

We talked about warm colors as well as cool colors. Now it's time for a few neutral colors.

White: Resembles purity, cleanliness, peace
As much as this color makes your room look grander than it actually is, we all know how naughty our kids can get. Unless you want your walls decorated by your budding artist's sketches and paintings, better to use other colors to paint the wall. Ofcourse, white when used with splashes of other color would not only make your nursery look majestic but also help your baby develop better emotionally and promotes openness.

Black: Symbolizes authority, power

Black is too dark a color and should be used in moderation. Painting walls black makes the room look smaller. Rather than painting walls black, it's good to use some furniture in this color to enhance the beauty of the room.

With these basic guidance you may choose any colors, mix match & design beautiful nursery for you little bundle of joy there.


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