How to soothe a crying Baby

15 Jun 2022
How to soothe a crying Baby-R for Rabbit

 Babies can’t really say, “Mommy, I’m hungry”, “Oooh! This blanket is too itchy!”, “I’m freezing out here!”, “Oops, I guess my diaper got dirty again”, and so they cry.

It is really important for you to understand why your baby is crying, because that will help you act accordingly and calm your baby down. But what if you have checked for all the reasons and your baby is still crying? The truth is that some babies are just more sensitive to noises, smell and other sensations that may upset them. Here are a few techniques to use to soothe your crying baby.

  • Hold your baby close to you and gently sway them, sing a lullaby or talk to them. Some kids love talking or listening to soft music.
  • Recreate womb like ambience, they have spent nine months in your womb listening to your heartbeat, and that is the sound they recognize easily; this helps soothe them. Hold your baby close to you and make shushing sound, this sound is similar to the whooshing sound she used to hear in your womb. Jiggle her gently.
  • Try caressing your baby’s back, legs or stomach. Research shows that touch stimulates receptors in the brain that calms your baby, long smooth strokes tend to work better than short brisk ones.
  • Talk to them. Some of them just love hearing their mom’s voice. Singing can also help.
  • Introduce a new toy to distract her from her cranky mood.
  • If you are out or on a drive, rock you baby back and forth in a carry cot or pram.
  • Try a warm bath, this calms some babies instantly, though not all babies like getting wet.
  • Excessive crying sometimes could be a sign that your baby has colic. If none of the above technique helps soothe your baby, check for the signs of colic and consult a paediatrician.