5 Key Factors When Buying A Baby Stroller in India

5 things to look for if you are planning to purchase new baby stroller

27 Mar 2019
5 things to look for if you are planning to purchase new baby stroller

Are you planning to buy a new baby stroller for your little one? Just keep some points in mind to add comfort to your kid’s strolling experience.

There are different types of stroller various attractive designs but few major things are common in strollers which you need to focus on.
Key Stroller Features To look For

  1. Accommodates new born comfortably
 Some strollers are not suitable for the new little ones as they may not have enough support for them to sit comfortably in the stroller.
So, buy a stroller which have seat that can fully recline
  1. One-handed fold Feature
Stroller should easily open and fold with one hand as most of the time baby is in one hand and you just have one hand free to open the stroller.
The one hand fold has to be smooth so that its easy to open and close the stroller.
  1. Washable fabric

Dripping bottles, baby food and all sort of things can make stain on the fabric so the stroller should have washable fabric so that it can be removed and washed.

  1. Adjustable handlebar

Handle bar should be adjustable as it makes stroller to be pushed by anyone no matter what is person’s height.


  1. Sun canopy

Bigger canopy gives more shade to your little one while you take your baby outdoors. Many canopies have peekaboo window at the back side to keep a check on your baby.
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