R for Rabbit Baby Bottle Sterilizer & Warmer

  • Hot Bot Bottle Warmer (White)
    Hot Bot Bottle Warmer (White)
    R for Rabbit Hot Bot - 5 in 1 Multi-Functional Baby Bottle Warmer Feeding a baby with the bottle is a big task that involves warming milk at the right temperature & sterilizing and so R for Rabbit Brings to you Hot Bot 5...
    ₹ 1,896
    ₹ 1,896
    MRP₹ 2,493
    (24% OFF)
  • I Bot Bottle Warmer
    I Bot Bottle Warmer
    R for Rabbit I Bot Bottle Warmer Electric Baby Milk, Food & Water Heater Warming food for your baby will not be a hassle anymore. Presenting R for Rabbit iBot Warmer and Juicer to help you feed your baby warm food whenever tthey’re hungry....
    ₹ 1,527
    ₹ 1,527
    MRP₹ 1,998
    (24% OFF)
  • I Bot Bottle Sterilizer
    I Bot Bottle Sterilizer
    R for Rabbit I Bot Bottle Sterilizer Steam for Baby Milk Bottle with LED Display Tired of sterilizing each bottle every time your baby uses it? Don't worry! We’ve  got your back with R for Rabbit iBot Sterilizer! This wonderful sterilizer is truly bliss...
    ₹ 2,577
    ₹ 2,577
    MRP₹ 4,599
    (44% OFF)


Feeding bottles are extensively used in the first few years for feeding milk, water and juices until the child learns to use a sipper. This also indicates that parents need to wash and clean the bottle frequently, which becomes a repeated and tiring task.

However, there is no option to ignore the hygiene of the bottle since it would impact your child’s health and development. But, do not worry; the baby bottle sterilizer is there to your rescue.

A feeding bottle sterilizer is specifically designed to clean a bottle in the best possible way without mommy’s involvement. This modern-day technology offers best-in-class utility so that parents do not have to struggle with cleaning and boiling the bottle in water.

R for Rabbit continues its innovation journey with the best baby bottle sterilizer in India that thousands of parents love today.

Best Baby Sterilizer & Warmer Products Available Online in India

If you have an infant and want to buy a feeding bottle steriliser, you should definitely go for R for Rabbit products in this segment. Our bottle warmer & sterilizer model utility is not limited to just cleaning your baby’s bottle.

We have innovated this product with a multifunction model that can be used as a juicer, food heater, and egg steamer. It sounds amazing, as such functions are not common in regular sterilizers.

Thus, you can make the best use of this product according to your baby’s changing needs. In the first six months, you can use the baby bottle sterilizer and warmer for cleaning the bottle and warming the formula; and after six months, when your child starts feeding on food items other than milk, you can extract juices and steam eggs for feeding.

Our Hot Bot bottle sterilizer and warmer are ideal for bottles of all sizes and brands; thus, you need not worry about the bottle type you are using. We have used advanced PTC technology from Japan to ensure accurate heating to ensure the best results: the main aim of buying bottle warmers and sterilizers.

To make the safest bottle warmer in India, we have introduced the auto-shutdown feature, where the appliance switches off automatically if the water level is below the desired level.

Choosing the Best Design and Safety Features for Baby Bottle Sterilizer & Warmer

Our baby bottle warmer and sterilizer are made of high-quality plastic that is 100% BPA-free to ensure that your child is safe and that there are not any health risks involved during cleaning and sterilizing.

Despite the multiple functions, we have kept the design simple, and you can switch between modes by turning the knob according to the desired function. So, you do not need any technical knowledge to operate our useful baby bottle warmer and steriliser.

Wondering if you need to shell out money to buy such an amazing product? Do not worry, since at R for Rabbit, we aim to offer products with the best quality and features at reasonable prices.

You will be amazed by our baby bottle sterilizer price and place an order right away. Also, be aware that this product comes with a 1-year warranty. So, buy a sterilizer for baby bottles, simplify the cleaning process, and stay stress-free. After all, there are more important tasks for you to take care of than sterilizing bottles and warming food.


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