R for Rabbit Swing Cars For Kids


Best Swing Car For Your Kids Online In India

Kids love exploring new toys that are easy to operate yet add fun to their daily play. Swing car is a perfect choice for toddlers to young kids. The toy works on centrifugal force and balance. A no-battery, no-pedal, all-fun swing car for kids is a must-have. 

Parents have nothing to worry about when the design of a swing car is stable and has no sharp edges. The kid must only rotate the steering wheel to control and turn the baby swing car. The ride-on facilitates body balance and brain coordination. R for Rabbit offers feature-loaded and affordable swing car prices.

R For Rabbit Swing Cars Online For Your Kids At The Best Price

Unravel your little one’s best childhood memories. While your child enjoys R for Rabbit magic swing car, you can create beautiful memories and spend quality time with your loved ones. The trendy and bright swing car for 0 to 8-year-old kids is a one-time buy, as it has a sturdy structure. 

R for Rabbit baby swing car is an excellent buy as it has a comfortable seat for your toddler to sit for a long time. The modern and light design of the swing car makes it easy to carry wherever needed. Your child will enjoy playtime indoors and outdoors.

Our Iya Iya Ace Swing Cars, Dino Swing Cars, Drift Swing Cars, and Grand Swing Cars come with diverse combinations of non-slipped paddles, PU LED wheels, HQ PU scratch-free wheels, inbuilt music, ABEC 7 bearing, different colors, and other essential facets. The capacity of these toys varies from up to 85 Kg and levels of up to 125 Kg.

Baby Swing Cars in India: Best Quality, Design & Features

The best magic swing cars are smooth, easy to manage, and well-designed. R for Rabbit offers the best baby swing car price. Some features that make it the best swing car are:

  • Smooth magic swing car with ABEC 7 bearings and best quality PU wheels.
  • A wide seat that can bear up to 125 kg weight makes it an ideal swing car for 5 years old and above. Even parents can ride it for fun sometimes.
  • High-quality PU wheels ensure no scratches on your house flooring, and your kid does not skid during the ride.
  • Space for footrest so your little ones do not get hurt while riding the swing car for kids.
  • An array of color combinations is available according to the kid’s choice.


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