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When babies are born, they are inclined to sleep for hours in one stretch; thus, buying a cosy and functional bed for the munchkin becomes a requisite. Your little one is delicate, and he may not be comfortable sleeping on the regular mattress you are using. You can ensure uninterrupted sleep and safety with the R for Rabbit baby bedding sets.

We have put in our best efforts to take the bedding concept to the next level with innovative foldable designs, which make it a perfect baby travel bed. Also, the lightweight, 100% breathable cotton keeps the child comfortable even during the summer. A new born baby bed set makes picking and handling the child easier as it renders a base for parents to grasp.

Best Baby Bedding Available Online in India

Your baby needs to rest and sleep well, as it directly impacts growth and development in the initial days. With the range of baby bedding sets in India, there is a perfect option for every child to make the perfect sleeping space. The sets are complete sleeping solutions with pillows, a protective net against insects and mosquitoes and bolsters for side support to keep the baby in one place during sleep.

The upper flap covers the baby appropriately, rendering a snuggling feel that minimizes sudden jerks during sleep- a common problem newborns face. R for Rabbit baby beds are made of 100% organic and hypoallergenic cotton material, so your baby stays safe against rashes.

Baby beds are also a good buy for co-sleeping as these protect the child during sleep. We are committed to making baby care easy by offering a range of essentials, of which the newborn baby beds online are an important category.

Uniquely Designed Baby Bedding Products Offered Online by R for Rabbit

You can find several bedding options with unique designs and functional features. The Snuggy Baby Bed online is a convertible option that transforms into a carry nest if you need to go outside with the baby. This is a cotton-based bedding with a soft and fluffy filling that you can easily wash whenever needed. There are several cute designs and colours, allowing you to buy a perfect bedding set.

Mothers never want to compromise with their baby’s comfort and sleep, which is why we have introduced the Baby Nest Lite model, which is a compact and easy-to-carry baby travel bed. No matter where you travel, your little angel will get the comfort of home.

Selecting the Best Material, Higher Quality and Precise Design of Baby Bedding Products

When buying a baby bedding set online, you need to be cautious about choosing a high-quality, child-safe material. At R for Rabbit, we take care of all the essential aspects to ensure that you get premium products at a reasonable baby bed set price. 

The new born baby bed with net is a great product to buy since it always protects your baby. The unique design and appealing colour combinations are specially designed for the cute angels. So, buy a bed set according to your needs and see your child sleep peacefully.


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