8 Fun Ways to Improve Your Child's Brain Capacity

Activities To Boost Your Child's Brain Development

26 Jul 2019

Did you know your child is making massive steps just by playing in dirt, building forts and many other basic activities? It has been proven that 70% of a human’s brain development takes place during the first three years of life by playing and multiple basic activities. Many of the ordinary activities your child is performing at home are developing their brain right in front of you.

  1. Watching the Mirror Helps Baby Brain Development

With every look at their oh-so delightful reflections, your child is making emotional & social connections that will ultimately lead to a major self-discovery: Help the child to learn by describing what they may see in the mirror. Encourage them to smile at the baby in the mirror. 

  1. Messing at mealtime aidsin Brain Development

Yes, your kiddo will touch & squish their food. This is because they are making brain connections continuously by exploring the things around them through touch, taste and smell. Help your baby strengthen the vital neural pathways in the brain by giving different textured food to your child to explore their neural powers. 

  1. Climbing on everything in the rooms also aids brain development

When you find your two-year child climb on top of the table, they are not deliberately trying to scare you. They are trying to explore the world while working on the important physical skills of balancing and motor skills. You can encourage safe climbing with lots of outdoor and playground time.

  1. Blowing Bubbles Encourage Brain Development

Your child playing with bubbles is building the foundation for science, creative arts, and even mathematical thinking. You can add  food coloring and glitter to the bubble mixture to make the bubble play game more fun and engaging.

  1. Finger Painting Aids for Brain Development

Finger painting is both a charming art and sensory experience. Watch your child’s face full of happiness when they realize that when they mix yellow and blue together, an entirely new color is formed! Add a buzz to your chi's sensory experience by adding textured materials like sand or rice to the paint. 

  1. Playing in Dirt helps in Brain Development

The natural world has its own unique learning environment. Something as simple as digging in dirt can help in boosting child’s curiosity. So, give your young scientist adequate opportunities to dig and dump. Give your child a magnifying glass so that he/she can look at dirt, rocks and small creatures up close. 

  1. Building Fort helps in Brain Development

Blankets and pillows are the best way to make indoor forts which children usually do at home during bed time. But before you stop construction, consider this building and moving carefully through indoor forts is a good way for children to exercise and can help develop skills such as spatial awareness, planning, and problem-solving skills. 

  1. Scribbling helps in Brain Development

Did you know that scribbling on a white paper is part of the natural development toward writing? Experimenting with writing and drawing tools helps in building small-muscle skills and hand-eye coordination necessary for writing. Giving baskets of paper, colourful crayons and pencils will give your child a lot of pre-writing opportunities.