5 Steps to Ensure Healthy Pregnancy

01 Jul 2022
5 Steps to Ensure Healthy Pregnancy-R for Rabbit

Now when you have already revealed the good news to all your near and dear ones, it’s time for you to take good care of yourself not just physically, but mentally as well as emotionally. Here are some guidelines you can follow to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child.

1. Consult A Doctor 

You should contact your doctor as soon as you realize that you are pregnant. The doctor would be able to organize the prenatal care that you would require. The earlier you go to the doctor, the earlier your chance to receive great advice for a healthy pregnancy. You can then schedule the required tests and scans in advance.

2. Aim for Healthy & Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is very important for your health as well as your baby’s health. Consume whole, healthy food rich in proteins. A dietician can help you devise meal plans that you would require during pregnancy. Wash fruits and vegetables well before eating them. Consuming eggs, fish, or meat that is half cooked and unpasteurized milk increases the risk of infection to your baby. Reduce or avoid intake of coffee, tea, soft drinks & alcohol.

3. Perform Exercises Regularly 

Exercise on a regular basis can be beneficial. You will be able to build up your strength as well as the endurance required to carry your weight in the later stage of pregnancy. You will have a relatively easier time when you go into labor. Additionally, exercise can help you feel better, reduce stress and depression will be less likely to set in. Moreover, you will find it easier to get back into shape post-childbirth. Be sure not to over-exercise or dehydrate.

 4. Go shopping

Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you have lost the right to look trendy! You can plan a shopping spree with your close friends or relatives, try out new fashion & look, fabulous mother-to-be. You may also go shopping for the stuff you’d require the moment your child is born like a baby cradle or baby prams or baby strollers.

5. Take a Lot of Rest 

It is common for mothers-to-be to feel exhausted easily in the first couple of months of pregnancy due to pregnancy hormones. Take good rest. Take afternoon naps to cope if you are unable to sleep during the night. Yoga, breathing exercises & massages are a few ways to keep yourself relaxed. You may choose to join classes or communities meant for training pregnant women. 


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