6 Reasons Which Make Feather Diapers a Perfect Fit for Your Child

R for Rabbit Feather Baby Diapers - With Anti-Rash Shield

04 Mar 2022
R for Rabbit Feather Baby Diapers - With Anti-Rash Shield

A mother will do whatever it takes to keep the baby away from shrude rashes on the gentle baby's skin. Diapers are a necessity for babies and it's one of the main causes of a rash on a baby’s skin. When the baby gets rash the gentle soft skin gets red splotches & scales appear in the genital area of the baby’s bottom. This may cause rash spread over legs and on stomach area too.

Diaper rashes grow in warm & moist places, the skin portion which is warm and moist at the same time gets rashes. Other factors which are responsible are

  • When the diaper is too tight
  • When baby’s skin is sensitive
  • Due to irritated skin
  • Introduction of new foods

For all the mother's concern R for Rabbit has made India’s Most Breathable diaper"Feather Diaper" The Next Gen Diapers. “Feather” as the name suggests makes an image of a soft, lightweight & adorable thing. Similarly, R for Rabbit diapers is extremely soft and lightweight. It has 10 million pores which make it super breathable and helps in dodging the rash problem on baby’s skin.


Below are the reasons which make feather diapers a perfect fit for your child.

      • Softness: One can simply hold the diaper and know-how super soft it is. These super-soft feather diapers will bring absolute comfort to the child keeping their delicate skin rash free.
      • 12 Hours Absorption: Now no more worries about checking the diaper has gone wet or not. R for Rabbit feather diapers has the ability to absorb the liquids for up to 12 hours.
      • Lightweight: Lot of diapers get heavy and child feels hindrance while they move and it will give rashes to the soft baby skin. Feather Diapers are light weight and the liquid spreads evenly in the diaper so it does not get heavy in a single place. This helps child to move with ease even if the diaper has the liquid in it.
      • Leak-Proof: Diapers are the saviors to keep the babies but what’s the use if it gets leaked. R for Rabbit Feather Diapers will keep the child dry by locking the liquid for a longer duration. These diapers surely protect the baby from rashes.
      • Prevents Rashes: With all the goodness of high breathability through 10 Million pores, R for Rabbit feather diaper protects baby from rash due to proper air flow inside the diaper
      • Thin & Super Soft:Unlike the other diapers Feather diapers are thin so it helps the child to be comfortable and let them enjoy the play time to the fullest.

Feather Diapers are available in multiple sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The final option is a pant-style diaper, which is more suitable for certain people. But the most crucial feature is that they come in an XS size. This is a Tape-style diaper that is best suited for newborns.