How color affects your baby - Part 1

01 Jul 2021
How color affects your baby - Part 1

It’s 2016! Happy New Year folks! We thought you would love to know more incredible things about baby sciences. Yep! Raising a kid too is a science. So in this first post of 2016, we’ll talk about color therapy and how different colors have different effects on your baby’s development and growth.

You must have experienced intuitively, that the colors around you somehow affect you, your feelings or emotions subtly if not visibly. Have you ever entered a room totally painted white and felt a sudden change of energy within, Peace, isn’t it? If you have experienced this then so will your baby.

In their initial growth stage, babies are more dependent on visual and physical stimulants than sound because their oral and listening faculties are still developing. Hence what colors you paint your child’s nursery with aids as much to his/her growth and development. Every color found in nature can be divided into two groups – warm colors & cool colors. As with any stimulation, excess of any of these warm or cool colors isn’t healthy. Just as nature creates the right balance of each of these colors to sustain a healthy ecosystem, we too need to strike the right balance among all these colors in a child’s nursery. Decorating your infant's room in a few right colors will definitely make a difference in the eating, sleeping and emotional habits of your baby.

So let’s get started with our color therapy...

Red: Symbolizes Passion, Excitement, Emotional

Stimulates brain activity, increases heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure allows self and energy - confidence. Stimulates hunger. Too much red in a nursery can be overstimulating for your baby. Using a proper shade with a combination of green, blue or white can set that balance.

Orange: Warm, comforting, and rich color
This color is red and yellow combined, and hence has goods of both these colors. It simply makes the room bright yet comfortable, giving it a cozy rich look.

Yellow: Resembles liveliness, intelligence, energy, and understanding.

Subtle yellow promotes emotional health. It’s a very good color for a baby’s development. You can paint your ceilings pale yellow since that is the place where your baby will look the most. But just like red, yellow too is a warm color and should be used along with a tone of cool color to strike that balance. 

Pink: Symbolizes romance, feminism, and cuteness

No wonder girls and women love this color, Very apt for your baby daughter’s nursery. Will just create a princessy kind of environment for her. Add in some tones of gray and purple and she’s definitely going to love it.

These are a few warm colors we talked about. Keep looking at our blog to read more about colors and their role in a baby’s development.