How to be Active in Pregnancy and Modify Workouts Safely?

Staying Active While Pregnancy: How to Modify Your Workouts Safely

15 Sep 2023
Staying Active While Pregnancy: How to Modify Your Workouts Safely-R for Rabbit

Pregnancy is a phase that every mother cherishes, but it is equally challenging as you are responsible for the well-being of two lives simultaneously. Staying active during pregnancy allows easier adaptation to the changing body shape and weight gain.

However, you also need to understand that your pregnancy workout needs to be modified according to your trimester so that there is no stress on you physically and mentally. Your workout should be relaxing, so it is recommended to consult a fitness or wellness professional.

As you advance in pregnancy, you cannot perform activities or do exercises that put pressure on your body, especially the stomach and pelvic region. Let us underline safe pregnancy workouts for you, heading towards a safe childbirth journey.

Why is Exercise Essential During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings along physical, emotional, mental, and hormonal changes for every woman. Every would-be mother has different experiences and body changes. An exercise routine ensures you stay active and can handle the hormonal changes well. In the present era, our lifestyles have become sedentary since we rely on technology and luxury assets.

Gone are the times when people would go out for grocery shopping; nowadays, everything is readily available online and delivered to the doorstep. Doing small daily chores during pregnancy can be very helpful and smooth the later pregnancy stage.

If you have not been active before pregnancy and have some health issues before conceiving, exercising is crucial for you. Here are some health problems that you can easily manage with a regular workout routine for pregnancy:

  • Gestational diabetes: Diabetic condition that arises specifically during pregnancy.
  • Blood pressure: High BP is common during pregnancy, but if the condition worsens, it can pose a threat later that may lead to complicated birth.
  • Labour and recovery: It is noticed that women who exercise all through pregnancy tend to have shorter labour and faster recovery post-delivery.
  • Postpartum depression: A common ailment most mothers face after baby delivery. An active pregnancy phase reduces the probability of postpartum depression.

Consulting with Your Healthcare Provider During Pregnancy

Now that you know the benefits of exercising, you may wonder how to be active in pregnancy and may be motivated to start immediately. But wait, since it is a crucial aspect of your pregnancy journey, you must be aware before taking any step. The best way to have a secure exercise regime is to consult a fitness expert since they know what needs to be done. Here are some useful tips on finding an expert:

  • Qualification and knowledge: You should always prefer consulting a qualified healthcare provider or fitness expert with in-depth knowledge of the different health conditions during pregnancy and how to tackle them.
  • Proven experience: When searching for an expert, you should check the experience duration and types of cases that the professional has handled in the past. 
  • Workout type: Every healthcare provider would be an expert in a specific workout type. Therefore, you should decide which exercise regime you wish to follow before selecting an expert. For example, while some mothers love going to the gym and working out with machines, others prefer prenatal yoga and meditation for relaxation. Thus, you can choose the activity and search for an expert.

Once you are associated with a healthcare expert, they will decide whether a workout routine is safe. For this, firstly, he will discuss your daily routine, the food you eat throughout the day, your latest medical reports, and activities you are comfortable doing.

Exercising during pregnancy is not hours of sweating; it is about doing activities to manage your health and keep you stress-free. You can still benefit from workout programs under a certified fitness trainer if you have a normal pregnancy.

Exercise that is Safe and Efficient for Pregnant Women

Most healthcare providers suggest low-impact exercises for pregnant women since this helps them attain a healthy routine without exertion.

Simple yet effective workouts like walking, yoga, Pilates, swimming, and strength training are the best approaches to staying active. However, if you are a gym person who loves machines, your fitness expert can guide you to do such exercises correctly and in limited numbers.

As you advance in pregnancy, your stomach and pelvic muscles will stretch to accommodate the growing baby, so you must be vigilant during workouts. Your healthcare provider will modify the routine according to the trimester and guide you throughout the journey so that you have a great pregnancy experience.

Modifying High-Impact Exercises

If you have been going to the gym and doing high-intensity workouts before pregnancy, sit with your trainer and review the workout plan again. The expert will alter exercises like running, jumping, skipping, etc., into simpler yet effective routines.

Understand that your body will change a lot during this phase, and hence, you may not be able to perform activities that you could do earlier efficiently. Do not be disappointed and adapt to the change by listening to your body.

If you have strained, aching muscles and joints after exercising, your body wants you to slow down. Please understand the signals and talk to your fitness trainer. Excessive strain on muscles can lead to later complications, which you may regret.

Strengthening Your Core Safely During Pregnancy

You may work out for pregnancy at home or a healthcare centre at your convenience, and your trainer will focus on strengthening your core. The core muscles (abdominal and pelvic) are crucial for delivery of the baby.

If you have a strong core, you should have easy labour and delivery experience since these muscles are involved in pushing. A strong core ensures easy childbirth and faster recovery with the least effort.

Abs and back exercises are the major core strengthening workouts. If you are comfortable, planks also help build strong muscles. You can try regular planks along with modified versions under expert supervision.

Do not stress if you cannot hold the position for as long as earlier since your body weight is increasing. Exercise to stay fit and happy. And you will have a great pregnancy phase.

Tips for Staying Active and Motivated During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a roller coaster since you have fluctuating hormone levels that may make you feel dull one moment and energized the next minute. You should not surrender to the changes and stay motivated by doing activities that give you happiness.

If you are working and have limited time to exercise, try walking around and doing regular chores rather than sitting in one place longer. You may go for walks whenever you get time or meditate to stay calm. 

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Precautions While Pregnancy

Your body will change in the nine months, and in the last trimester, you may not be comfortable even walking for a few minutes. If you have been exercising and have high-intensity pain or feeling lethargic, you should stop immediately and seek medical guidance. Eventually, as you proceed toward childbirth, you must resort to low-intensity workouts.

When you exercise regularly during pregnancy, maintain your nutrition and hydration levels. You will sweat during workouts, so you must drink plenty of water during the day. Remember your baby depends on you for nutrition; hence, you should eat healthy and enjoy every moment of the pregnancy.

Moving Forward

Pregnancy is thus a thrilling time. However, maintaining a healthy routine is also crucial since it helps you stay active and have trouble-free childbirth.

A healthy and happy mother directly influences her baby. Hence, you should perform activities that bring a smile to your face and let you calm down. If you love exercising, do it systematically under expert supervision since several factors are involved during this crucial phase of your life.

It is wise to modify your routine according to the changes you feel in your body. Indeed, working out is necessary during pregnancy, but with the right approach.

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