Pointers To Keep In Mind Prior To Buying Cradle or Jhula For Your Baby

25 Jan 2024
Pointers To Keep In Mind Prior To Buying Cradle or Jhula For Your Baby-R for Rabbit

Newborns and infants need the maximum attention of parents since they are still adjusting to the new world outside their mother’s wombs, and hence, their sleep patterns are abrupt.

This indeed is a challenge for young mommies who are experiencing motherhood for the first time, and hence, they need a baby product that would make their lives easy and also keep the tiny angels comfortable.

A cradle is a superb buy for parents who are seeking a solution that would keep the baby secure and also allow him to rest peacefully without any trouble. When talking about the advantages of a cradle or jhula, the most crucial trait is the structure that has been designed to imitate the baby’s position in the mommy’s womb.

Baby Cradle Selection: Involved Benefits and Challenges

There are cradles with rocking motions that relax the little one and make him fall asleep quickly. A good quality cradle renders support to the back, which keeps the baby safe and the spine in the proper position while playing or sleeping.

But the real challenge is finding the right baby jhula to purchase since there are numerous options available online. Hence, as parents, you need to do some bottom-line research and find out which products would meet your requirements with modern features and are offered on a budget.

A sturdy, practical, functional and safe cradle is what every parent wants, but believe us, there is something more than this that you should be aware of when making a choice. So, here we present an exhaustive buying guide for baby cradles with all the tips that will help you buy the best product for your angel.

14 Must-Know Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cradle/Jhula for Your Baby

Let us explore the tips and recommendations for choosing a perfect cradle from the R for Rabbit team.

1. Safety Considerations

Whenever you invest in a baby product, the top priority is the child’s safety, and hence, you should also apply this thumb rule to buying a cradle or jhula. You are investing in this product to make your life easier, and hence, it should meet all the safety criteria you have in mind. Therefore, when evaluating a product, consider the following points:

   A. JPMA certified to meet safety standards

Very few parents are aware of the fact that there are pre-defined safety standards that every brand is expected to meet before offering their product on the market. A good brand follows the guidelines and applies for JPMA certification, which stands for Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association.

This certification states that the product has been tested well and passes all the criteria and that parents can confidently go ahead with purchasing a baby jhula.

   B. Sturdy, high-quality components

Parents who do not wish to compromise with any factor when purchasing a cradle should study the product specifications to know what materials the company has used to make the product. We know your junior will outgrow the cradle soon, but that doesn’t mean that you should consider buying a cheap quality product that isn’t sturdy enough.

A sturdy frame along with quality cushioning is a must-buy to support the baby’s weight and correct positioning while sleeping.

   C. Mesh sides for ventilation

We recommend you buy a jhula that has mesh sides since it allows air to pass well, keeping the baby comfy during sleep, especially during summer. A well-ventilated cradle ensures long hours of undisrupted sleep, letting you relax.

   D. No sharp edges or paint hazards

When buying a baby product, always prefer one that has smooth edges so that your child is safe when he moves his hands or legs while lying in the cradle. Also, check out if the jhula has a child-safe coating on the metal, as the unpleasant paint smell may irritate him.

2. Design and Features

A modern cradle is loaded with features that prove to be helpful in day-to-day life and offer enhanced comfort to your munchkin. So, when you shortlist some options, make sure you compare such features and see which is the best value for money buy.

   A. Adjustable canopy for shade

At first, you may think that this feature may not be helpful as you are using the cradle indoors only. But the fact is that babies tend to get startled even with the room light that you may be using, especially during night-time, interrupting sleep. Hence, the adjustable canopy has a role to play in such situations.

   B. Soothing rocking motion

A rocking cradle is a boon for parents whose children are fussy sleepers. The constant yet soothing rocking motion keeps the baby calm and induces sleep gradually since the baby feels like he is snuggling in his mother’s womb. You can choose between manual or automatic rocking cradles.

There are innovative products where you can adjust and control the rocking speed as per your baby’s convenience, which gives you free hands and allows you to manage other important tasks while the little one dozes off.

   C. Comfortable, breathable mattress

The cradle will be your child’s bed for the initial few months; hence, the mattress or cushioning has to be perfect. A soft yet solid mattress ensures that the baby’s sleeping position is correct. Choose a jhula with a breathable mattress since it minimizes sweat and keeps the baby’s skin safe from allergies or rashes.

   D. Wheels for portability around the home

You may introduce the cradle as a safe play bed in the initial months since a significant amount of your child’s time will be spent lying on the back until he learns to flip to the side. Therefore, you may want to move the cradle around the house, which becomes a lot easier if you buy one with wheels. However, also make sure that the wheels are lockable to avoid any unwanted incidents.

3. Size and Adjustability

Choose a safe cradle that your baby can use for a few months before he outgrows it. Here are some jhula features related to adjustability that you must be aware of:

   A. Appropriate dimensions for baby’s age

You should buy a cradle according to the duration for which you plan to use it. There will be various models with different dimensions suitable for different age groups; hence, you need to decide which one will be most suitable. Check the product description on the brand website for such details so that there are not any discrepancies when you receive the product.

   B. Adjustable height

Some reputed branded cradles allow you to change the jhula height so that you can comfortably put in and pick up the baby. Avoid setting the cradle too high since as your child starts rolling over, he may tumble down.

   C. Accommodates growth over months

As your child grows, he will gain weight, and thus, you should invest in a jhula only after checking out its weight capacity. If you plan to use the product for a long, buy one that can hold more weight and keep your child safe.

4. Aesthetic and Extra Features

Now, we have disclosed all the factors to consider when buying a cradle, but wait, there is more to it. We definitely want to highlight the extra features that enhance the baby’s experience and keep him happy:

   A. Appealing but subtle colours and patterns

Your growing kiddo would love to see bright and appealing colours around him, so buy a cradle that would make him happy and also look subtle. Most cradles come with baby prints that look cute and colour options so that parents have a variety to choose from.

   B. Gentle music and vibration options

Cradles with rocking motion, vibration and lullabies are a blessing since they create a soothing environment and promote sleep in the children. Therefore, you should prefer such products over traditional designs. The soft lullabies and music are pleasant for the ears, and the vibration lets him feel that he is sleeping comfortably in his mommy’s lap.

   C. Mosquito netting

A mosquito net is a requisite when using a cradle since you don’t want those tiny monsters to disturb your munchkin’s sleep or leave those itching bite marks on his body.

Key Takeaways

With the above pointers, we have decoded all the answers to the most common concern that new parents have: how to choose a baby cradle? You need to prioritize safety, build, comfort, and practical features like rocking motion, wheels, mattress quality, etc.

If you are searching for the best cradles online, browse through the different models offered by R for Rabbit. The brand has the best-selling cradles designed to elevate the comfort and safety of our cute little customers. So bring home a modern cradle and give the best sleep and play experience to the apple of your eye and enjoy some me-time for yourself as well.

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