R for Rabbit Steps into Breast Pumps Category

18 Oct 2018
R for Rabbit Steps into Breast Pumps Category
R for Rabbit Steps into Breast Pumps Category
R for Rabbit Launches new range of Breast Pumps including electric and manual ones
Ahmedabad, Gujarat: R for Rabbit has launched its new category of products that is Breast Pumps for the new mothers under the name “First Feed”. The new range of breast pumps include electric and manual version which aims to make the life of urban moms easier. 
Indian working mothers face a lot of problem after birth of baby as they have to take a break from work to breast feed the baby also while traveling it becomes very uncomfortable for them to breastfeed the baby and there are many other challenges faced by the urban women. For India, breastfeeding can reduce 156,000 child deaths every year, reduce over 3.4 million episodes of respiratory infections and 3.9 million episodes of diarrhea in young children. Indian Government is also doing promotions and educational camps for awareness. R for Rabbit understood the challenges faces by mothers while on work or travel to feed their little one. In order to solve this challenge, R for Rabbit decided to develop Breast Pump which are frontier in technology but value for money.
On the launch of new breast pumps, Mr. Kunal Popat (CEO – R for Rabbit) said “Breastfeeding is necessary for new born baby and somewhere it is a challenge for new mothers in urban areas or working mothers to breastfeed baby so we bought First Feed Breast Pumps for such mothers. We made the product 100% safe and easy to operate. We are offering our First Feed Breast Pump on a very affordable price and its pure value for money product with many safety features like BPA Free, 1.5s Bionic Frequency, comfortable material and lot more”
The new breast pumps launched are made of 100% BPA Free material which is safe for moms and baby. Anti-Back flow system make and working on bionic frequency of 1.5s ((Time between 2 suctions your baby to express the milk) makes it a safer product. There are 3 variants of breast pumps
  1. First Feed Delight Electric Breast Pump – with separate touch panel
  2. First Feed Comfort Electric Breast Pump
  3. First Feed Manual
About R for Rabbit –
R for Rabbit established in 2014 is a team of professionals dedicated to making your parenting experience wonderfully simpler and amazingly easier through products like baby stroller, baby high chair, baby carriers, tricycles, bicycles, breast pumps, bottle sterilizers, baby car seats.