Top 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Baby Diapers

Top 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Baby Diapers

28 Feb 2022
Top 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Baby Diapers-R for Rabbit

Choosing the best baby diapers for your baby is an extremely confusing job. With so many brands offering more or less the same USPs, new moms are bombarded with a never-ending list of choices. We want to offer the best baby diapers which are not like ordinary diapers available on the market. Figuring out which is the best one for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin, R for Rabbit is here to help you with an ultimate guide:

Look for these key features while buying diapers for your baby and swiftly sail through your diapering journey


Soft and Breathable:

Rashes are one of the major concerns that moms tend to worry about while choosing baby diapers. Ensure that you choose highly breathable diapers which allow the air to pass through them which would ultimately lead to causing no rashes. Feather Diapers by R for Rabbit are among the top baby diapers which have 10 million* pores for easy airflow, causing no rashes, and keeping your baby happy.

Thin and Lightweight:

Thick diapers make it difficult for babies to move around. To ensure that your babies can enjoy a fun and boundless fun time, pick baby diapers that are thin and have high absorption so your baby can move around freely and enjoy their fun time. Thin diapers, like R for Rabbit’s Feather Diapers, are also easy to carry in baby diaper bags while you’re planning an outing with the family.

Comfortable and High Flexibility:

Babies tend to wear diapers for a long duration throughout the day. Making sure that the diapers are comfortable and safe for their daily usage is something the parents always stress about. Pick the diaper size as per the age and weight of your baby so the elastic waistband will fit them comfortably and the baby has no rashes or crease marks on their skin when they are enjoying their playtime.

Wetness Indicator:

These days, brands like Feather diapers have come up with baby diapers that have a wetness indicator. This wetness indicator will change its color from yellow to blue indicating that now it’s time to change your baby’s diaper. It is not only quite convenient for you but also helps keep track of timely diaper changes.

High Absorption

Absorption is a huge factor to consider while buying the perfect diaper for your baby. Having high absorption capacity will lead to no leakages and hence keep you worry-free and your baby. This will also help your baby have uninterrupted sleep through the night.

Apart from all the above-mentioned key features, the size and weight of the baby also play a huge role in choosing the perfect fit for a baby diaper. Different diaper size is to be used on babies having different weight. Instead of stocking up on one size of diapers, it is better to keep weighing your baby every few months and size up when the current diaper is too tight. R for Rabbit has a sizing guide on their website to help you pick the perfect fit of diapers for your baby.