Be Careful With Your Baby in Highchair!

01 Aug 2022
Be Careful With Your Baby in Highchair!-R for Rabbit

High chairs become a necessity once the baby is able to sit up on its own. With different types of high chairs available in the market, ranging from the ones with wooden frame to metal frame to all plastic body, baby's safety and comfort always comes first.

There are things you can do to make the highchair safe place to be in. Never leave your child unattended to go grab a bib, food, or answer the phone. It only takes a second for your baby to have an accident. You should have everything ready before putting your child in the chair.

Your child should always be strapped into the highchair without exception. The feeding tray will not prevent your baby from slipping under it and falling to the floor and possibly incurring an injury. If an older child slips under the tray they could get stuck and be injured.

If your high chair folds be sure that when you open it, it locks in open position. If the chair collapses your baby could be hurt. This can be prevented with periodic checks of all parts of the chair.

Do not place the highchair near any place where baby could push it off and possibly have an accident. Also do not place your baby’s chair near any wires that can be pulled on. All cords should be out of reach anyway.

When putting the feeding tray in place be sure to watch your child’s fingers. They could be pinched or severely cut. Also be sure the lock catches by tugging on the tray gently. It will not hold your child in place but if it is loose or doesn’t catch, your child if not strapped in could fall and get hurt.

High chairs are important in today's generation to ease parents' life and we hope that following these few tips can help you be amazing parent keeping your baby safe and sound along with providing luxurious comfort.


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