How To Relieve Baby From Gas

04 Sep 2021
How To Relieve Baby From Gas-R for Rabbit

How Gas enters in baby’s little stomach?

Gas is nothing but the air in your baby's tummy. Baby usually swallows air along with her milk when she feeds. Babies may also gulp air down when they cry, and even when they are breathing. Which can lead baby to feel full before they had enough milk? & it will result in making them uncomfortable.

Symptoms of gassy baby

  • Too much burping indicates your baby is swallowing extra air from feeding or crying
  • Spitting up from mouth (while typically completely normal) can be one of the sign of gas build up
  • Extreme flatulence (it is a normal way of releasing gas) indicates your baby’s digestive tract is still budding.
  • Bloating or swollen abdomen shows that gas is stuck in the intestines
  • Trouble during sleeping is usually a symptom of gas buildup.

How to relive baby from gas?

Apply gentle pressure to your baby’s belly

Tummy Time: Tummy Time puts gentle pressure on baby’s belly, helping to provide gas relief. Let your child practice tummy time for at least 30 minutes after feeding to allow your baby’s belly to settle before starting the tummy time.

After feeding burps

Take a break between sides or every ounce or while feeding through bottle to get a burp out. While breastfeeding give her a break for a minute or two, as baby may have swallowed too much air during feeding. You can also let your fast let-down spray into a cloth before latching your baby to help reduce the amount of air baby swallows. Generally it is suggested by lactation consultants to burp baby every 5-10 minutes during feeding time.

Feed your baby at an angle

When nursing, try to hold your baby at more of an angle, making sure that her head and neck are slightly elevated over her tummy. Simply keeping your baby upright for 30 minutes cab also help in burping your baby.

Soft tummy massage

While your baby is lying on her back, softly rub her tummy in a clockwise motion and then pull your hands down the curve of the belly. Massaging like that helps to move gas along as that is the route the intestinal tract follows. Repeat the massage process several times to help move trapped gas.

Keep a food journal

While it’s uncommon for mom’s diet to be the cause of gas in baby, if you suspect that the baby can is sensitive to something in your own diet, try to track your meals for several days along with the gas symptoms in your baby to see if any patterns or links emerge. Babies usually are designed to adapt fairly quickly to your—and their—diet, so don’t go overboard trying to pinpoint a dietary cause.

Try shorter & frequent feedings

Try to feed your baby more frequently for a shorter time. As a thumb rule, feed your baby twice as often and half as much. Please note: Usually baby’s tummy is like the size of her fist, so baby doesn’t need as much milk that you think.


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