Best Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers in Children

04 Sep 2021
Best Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers in Children-R for Rabbit

7 Best Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers in Children

Mouth sores which are also known as ulcers which occurs due to inflammation of the mucous membrane of mouth including lips. Mouth ulcers can occur in kids because of many reasons such as injury, stress, deficiency of vitamin & minerals, body heat or even due to food allergies. There might be lots of reasons but here are multiple home remedies to cure it with ease.

1. Curd

Curd and buttermilk are the saviors for children in case of mouth ulcers. Make your child have a swirl of curd or buttermilk in the mouth, the bacteria in curd will help to dissolve the ulcer and will also help to keep the ulcers away.

2. Ghee


Ghee also helps big time when it comes to ulcers in children. Simply apply the ghee on the ulcer region at least 3 times per day for best results. This will help cure the ulcer problem faster and will give relief to your child.

3. Honey


Easily available honey can help your child to get relief from ulcers. Just apply the honey on the affected area of the mouth for few minutes. Due to honey’s great anti-microbial properties it heals the soars. Important note: Don’t make your child eat honey if your child is younger than 1 year.

4. Coconut


Coconut is once such thing that is available in Indian homes which can help treating canker sores. Give your child coconut water to drink or let them gargle with coconut milk. If you don’t have coconut to drink, then you can apply the virgin coconut oil on the ulcer in the mouth to get your child relief from it. Do not use oil for baby if he/she is younger than 1 year. 

5. Turmeric


Turmeric, a staple always present in the massala box of kitchen. It can be used to treat mouth ulcers in children. Turmeric or Haldi is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can heal all kinds of cuts and wounds. You can make it more pleasant by adding honey to it.

6. Basil (Tulsi)


Basil / Tulsi has magical properties, simply chewing basil leaves (tulsi) is also one great remedy for mouth ulcers. Basil leaves have medicinal properties and can heal the ulcer in a moment. You can chew tulsi leaves with warm water twice a day for it to cure the soars soon.

7. Alovera


One of the prominent household remedy, aloe vera is a perfect option to heal mouth ulcers in children too. Alovera leaf gives relief from the soreness while it’s amazing antibacterial and healing properties helps in making gums healthy. Apply the jelly substance on the affected area or mix the jelly with water and rinse the affected area to get relief. Use this remedy when the child is bit elder about 3-4 years.

Note: If the problem of ulcers persists for longer time, it’s advisable to consult with doctor/specialist for your child.