Diverse Types of Strollers in India - Finding the Right One for You and Your Baby!

27 Dec 2023
Diverse Types of Strollers in India - Finding the Right One for You and Your Baby!-R for Rabbit

Going out with your baby for some leisure time is an opportunity to build a stronger bond, but imagine yourself huffing as you carry the baby in your arms and the little one getting irritated because he feels uncomfortable due to restricted movement.

This scenario is indeed something that every parent would want to avoid, and hence, the star baby gear for young parents arrives in the stroller. Yes, you read it right: investing in a stroller is necessary to make travel and outings a fun-filled experience.

You will be surprised to know that there are many different stroller types to match the diverse parent lifestyle and baby needs. Thus, whenever you plan to buy one, you should be aware of the other models and their usage to make the right choice.

In this blog, we have highlighted all significant types to help parents search for information and guidance. So, let us begin exploring this important baby gear category. Below is a list of strollers, along with their features and purpose.

Types of Strollers That Parents Should Evaluate

In a country like India, where there are different terrains and climates and families with diversified routines and lifestyles with a specific budget to invest in such products, more than one stroller type is needed to fit the diverse selection criteria.

Hence, reputed brands offer a variety of models to cater to the diverse needs.

1. Umbrella Strollers

 ₹ 2,755 MRP₹ 3,996  (31% OFF) 

One of the most popular baby stroller types for parents who desire fold-and-go, lightweight gear for short trips or day-to-day walks. This one is a basic yet practical design with features like a sun protector, belt, and footrest so the baby can relax. If you have a small car or use public transport frequently, this model is the best choice for you.

It is priced lowest compared to other stroller types, and therefore, parents who do not want to spend much on this baby gear can buy an umbrella model without any concerns. However, we suggest you review the weight and age scope to ensure this stroller suits your routine.

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2. Standard Size Strollers

₹ 4,596 MRP₹ 5,994 (23% OFF)

This stroller is an upgraded version of an umbrella stroller that you can use for daily nearby walks and market jobs. You can use it for infants above 6 months, and these are different from traditional umbrella strollers due to their adjustable recline characteristics.

Your kids can sit or lie comfortably, making it ideal for them who still have not mastered the sitting skill. These are slightly bigger than umbrella models and thus heavier as well. You can store your baby’s needs, like bottles, wipes, and extra diapers, in the storage basket beneath the seat.

3. Jogging Strollers

₹ 6,996 MRP₹ 8,991 (22% OFF)

If you are a fitness freak and follow a sincere exercise routine, you certainly need a stroller to spend time with the little one while you walk or jog around the track. With a unique design, these stroller models are for active young parents like you.

The wheels are more significant than those of any usual stroller, and the air is filled to give a comfortable ride on any terrain. High-quality suspensions keep your child safe and comfortable even on the bumpiest roads. Additional safety features like hand brakes and wrist straps ensure your munchkin is always safe.

4. Double Strollers

₹ 8,996 MRP₹ 10,998 (18% OFF)

Have twins or children born with a smaller age gap and are wondering if you would need to buy two different strollers? Do not worry; we have got you covered with the double strollers.

These are perfect when you have two tiny explorers to take for an outing and make them sit side-by-side with sturdy frames to support the weight of your growing children.

Also, some models can be detached and converted to single strollers whenever required, making it an excellent investment. So, your kids can now relish each other’s company and explore the surroundings while you stay stress-free and manage different tasks better.

5. Travel Systems

₹ 8,896 MRP₹ 10,998 (19% OFF)

Designed for long-distance travellers, these strollers can be transformed into a car seat and installed in the rear seat to keep your baby safe during the journey.

Even though in India, using car seats is not a mandate, as parents are becoming aware, they prefer choosing this travel cum safety gear for their babies. These are slightly expensive compared to other stroller models, but considering the utility, it is worth buying.

The easy-to-fold yet sturdy frame renders convenience, so you can just pop it in the back of the car and ensure your baby stays comfortable and happy throughout the trip.

Additional features like toy and meal trays keep the baby busy during the ride, and the buckles ensure minimal jerks on uneven roads.

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How to Find the Most Suitable Stroller for Your Baby

Now that we know the variety of strollers you can consider when planning to buy one, let us throw some light on the aspects you should keep in mind when making a choice.

With so many models and brands being marketed, you should be vigilant and choose one that matches your lifestyle and the baby’s needs.

1. Product Usage

Before you pin down a stroller model, it is necessary to evaluate your requirements and usage of the product. Wisely decide for what purpose you will use the stroller. Also, consider how frequently you travel. You should even know how long you plan to use the stroller.

Your kid will grow quickly and gain weight. Consequently, if you want to use the stroller for a long time, we recommend that you select a model with a higher weight capacity. You can check specifications like age group and weight limit in the description.

Also, choose a design wisely according to the terrain. On smooth surfaces, a standard stroller can be used without any concerns, but for bumpy roads, you must invest in a stroller that comes with suspension.

2. Safety Features

Modern strollers are equipped with the latest safety features so young parents can stay content during their outing, and everyone enjoys the trip.

Therefore, you should prefer models with a 5-point harness, which keeps the baby in the proper position and strapped to the seat to avoid unwanted incidents. Also, you should always invest in a sturdy stroller with a solid frame to support the baby’s weight.

3. Comfort and Flexibility

A stroller should be a combination of comfort and safety, as your kid will spend considerable time in it. Only good brands offer a spacious seat with super soft and washable cushioning.

Also, flexible features like different recline positions and extended footrests for comfortable lying add to the comfort and make things fun.

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4. Additional Features

Reputed brands like R for Rabbit try innovating and improving their products, and as a result, modern strollers are great travel gear that comes with feathers like a meal and toy tray for keeping the little one entertained.

A storage basket beneath the seat lets you carry all essentials without any extra baggage, and a sun guard for those sunny days when you would want the child to stay protected from UV rays.

5. Product Pricing

We know parents need to buy many things to render the best care for their babies; hence, every parent has a limited budget for products like strollers.

Therefore, you need to evaluate the offering by comparing different models and their features and pricing to select one that would render your child the best utility, comfort, and safety during those short yet exciting trips.

Key Takeaways

Buying a stroller is a good decision if you go out frequently and want the child to enjoy every moment and stay safe.

If you are still confused about choosing a good-quality stroller, try the options on the R for Rabbit website. This brand offers various strollers to meet diverse needs, and you can check out the product description to know the details before you place an order.

So, R for Rabbit brand is committed to delivering the best quality baby gear products at reasonable prices. Hence, you can consider the options so that both of you have a wonderful travel experience and memories for a lifetime.

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