Baby Stroller vs. Pram - Which One Is Right For Your Little One?

11 Aug 2023
Baby Stroller vs. Pram - Which One Is Right For Your Little One?-R for Rabbit

Travelling with your child is fun if you prepare well and use appropriate baby products. Prams and Strollers let parents easily carry their children during evening walks, outings or shopping sprees.

Carrying your baby in your arms as he grows becomes challenging and uncomfortable for your child. Therefore, a baby pram or stroller is a must-buy.

As parents, you should know which of the two products is better for your kiddo. Are you one of the believers that prams and strollers are the same? The two terms are often interchangeably used, but there is a difference between stroller and pram. Thus, before buying the right one, let us first understand their details.

Stroller vs. Pram: What is the Prime Difference?

The prime difference between a pram and a stroller is the seating position. While strollers are for toddlers who can sit and balance well with an upright seat, the pram has a bassinet designed for infants and younger kids with a flat surface.

With the changing needs, brands offer products as a combination of both arrangements. So let us decode and discuss strollers and prams based on varied travel needs, family routines, and lifestyles.

Key Characteristics and Benefits of the Best Baby Strollers

Strollers are for toddlers with several features that enhance their utility during an event or trip. You can choose a stroller according to your needs.

  • Versatility with multi-functional and convertible models.
  • Convertible strollers are a one-time investment for a longer duration.
  • Safety belts and meal trays make strollers a complete package.
  • The best stroller has a 5-point harness to keep the baby safe.
  • The models are easy to fold and store, hence travel-friendly.

Baby Strollers are Available in a Variety of Categories.

  • Jogging Strollers: As the name suggests, these are models designed for parents who love taking their children on walks and jogs. These strollers are well-equipped with extra suspension, smooth wheels for speed, and handbrake controls, apt for uneven terrain.
  • Lightweight Strollers: Parents love lightweight strollers as they are easy to manage and are ideal for daily use, shopping, picnics, and more.
  • Travel System Strollers: The travel system is a stroller that converts into a baby car seat, so you can also transform it into a cosy infant carrycot. Parents who want a multi-functional stroller can consider this model and have a worry-free travel experience.

Strollers are for you and your kid to explore the world without worries and on the go.

Features and Benefits of Best Quality Prams

A pram is the best baby product for babies up to 6 months of age. The bassinet allows the baby to lie down comfortably. A pram from a good brand comes with an overhead canopy that protects the child against scorching sunlight. Some benefits of using prams are:

  • A spacious bassinet to allow comfortable nap time.
  • Storage space beneath the seat for storing baby supplies or other stuff.
  • Sturdy frame and unique design.
  • The latest prams are foldable and easy to carry.

Baby Prams are Available in a Variety of Categories.

  • Traditional Prams: A traditional pram has a basic, simple design and features. You can easily manage and carry them around as these are lightweight. However, these may not be useful once a child grows a few months old.
  • Modern Prams: Modern prams come with a highly durable frame, more weight capacity, and can recline to a certain angle. It has storage, a canopy, a mosquito net, a cup holder, etc.
  • Convertible Prams: A convertible pram can be used as a stroller as the baby learns to sit. Foldaway these prams and begin your exciting travel to create unforgettable memories.

Now that we know the difference between a stroller and a pram let us venture into considerations that will help you choose one as per your requirement.

Age and Usage Considerations

Your choice of stroller vs. pram should depend on the baby's age and travel needs. If your child is small and cannot sit, choose a pram. However, be ready to transition to a stroller after a few months. Strollers are best for children nine months and above as they can manage their position without help.

Apart from age, the difference between baby pram and stroller choice is based on your travel routines. If you often travel long distances, choose a travel system stroller, which would also serve as a car seat for your little one. However, buy a good quality pram if your travels are short and frequent.

Convenience and Safety

There is a difference between a pram and a stroller when it comes to features. Strollers from good brands have the latest safety features like 5-point harnesses and safety belts, making them a better choice than prams.

The baby tends to sit upright in the stroller and may try to move at this age. So, the harness keeps your baby strapped and safe during the trip. A quality pram or stroller comes with recline adjustments to ensure a comfortable position for your child.

If you plan to travel with the stroller or pram, it must be foldable and convenient to carry and transport. You may choose a heavy pram or stroller but later may regret buying it if it consumes a lot of space in the car. Soft cushioning, smooth surfaces, and ample space are necessary to check when buying a stroller or pram.

Manoeuvrability and Terrain Suitability

Understand there is a difference between stroller and pram when considering manoeuvrability. Prams are durable but are not for rough terrains, while strollers, especially the jogging models, operate smoothly on uneven surfaces without any effort. So, consider the environment and landscape when choosing between the two.

Lifestyle and Usage Patterns

The choice of stroller vs. pram depends on your lifestyle and family size. Go for a dual-basket stroller if you have more than two kids. Lightweight prams or strollers will be a good buy if you have frequent shopping and outings.

If you have limited space to carry the pram or stroller, choose a foldable, compact option rather than the heavy models.

Budget Considerations

Since both products have a variety of utility and features, there is a difference between baby pram and stroller prices accordingly. Therefore, when you plan to buy, search and compare the quality, features, and price.

You will be able to find the best deals with some effort but make sure you do not compromise quality and safety to save some money. Always keep safety as a priority.

Before Making a Purchase, Read Customer Reviews and Experiences

Now that you have all answers to what is the difference between stroller and pram, you know which of the two will meet your criteria. But you may get confused since several models of prams and strollers exist.

Parents do share their experiences and rate a product. When buying a product online, please read the reviews of a product. This will let you choose the ideal pram or stroller for your little one.

Maintenance and Care Tips For Best Utility Of Pram and Strollers

Proper maintenance is a requisite despite the pram and stroller differences. Protect your vulnerable baby from infections with regular cleaning and sanitization. Check the stroller or pram regularly to ensure the harness and other safety features are in place. Follow the instruction manual when cleaning the product so there is no damage.

Prefer the Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Strollers and Prams

Reputed brands are working towards designing eco-friendly products while maintaining the difference between pram and stroller features. This means they use toxin-free materials like PVC, BPA, phthalates, etc. Low-grade plastic and PVC are unsafe for humans as well as the environment. Thus, buy a product from a trusted brand that promotes environmental sustainability.

Decisions Based on the Pram and Stroller Differences

With a thorough understanding of the difference between baby pram and stroller, it is time for you to choose. Whatever choice you make, keep the safety and comfort at the top.

Choose a pram if you are ready to invest in a stroller later, but if you wish to buy a product that serves your purpose for longer, go for a multi-functional convertible stroller. However, if you buy this, also be ready to spare more space during travel to store it.

Moving Forward With Baby Stroller Or Pram

Once you know what is the difference between a stroller and a pram, choose a product after proper research, comparison, and travel needs. Ensure you buy a quality product with the latest features to make travelling fun and safe.

R for Rabbit has the best strollers and prams for its baby customers. The best-selling ride strollers and prams have the latest features. These modern features include front-wheel locks, a 3-position recline, a one-step link brake, a transformable seat and many more. All the products listed on the website are certified and enhance the travel experience for both parents and babies.

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