Best super foods to eat during pregnancy time

17 Mar 2021
Best super foods to eat during pregnancy time-R for Rabbit

Pregnancy time is the most important time of women to take the best care of her food intake as nourishing food diet will help the baby grow.

The best way to provide all the necessary nutrients to your baby and yourself is to eat nutrient rich foods during every meal.

Here are some of the super foods to eat during pregnancy

  1. Green Vegetables 

Green Leafy vegetables have folate, a natural form of folic acid. Folate is extremely important to help dodge birth defects like neural tube defects.

Green veggies contain other important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, E and K, and some greens also contain B vitamins. Most importantly use green foods that are easy to digest in their raw state like: romaine and butter lettuce, cucumbers ad peppers.

  1. Enzyme-Rich Foods

The Enzyme-rich foods has a large variety which you can pick from avocados, pineapple, yogurt,  kimchi and drinks like kefir and kombucha are excellent addition to prenatal diet. Enzyme rich foods boosts digestion and help colonize your gut with good bacteria. 

  1. Natural Digestive Drinks

Coconut water, Homemade Lemonade & Apple Cider Vinegar these 3 drinks will help you boost your digestion and help you out to escape heartburn, gas & constipation. 

  1. Wild Seafood and Omega 3’s

Wild caught fish and seafood has a lot of protein and full of trace minerals like iodine, selenium, and zinc, all hard-to-find nutrients and are very important during pregnancy.

To be safe, stick with smaller seafood like:

  • sardines – which is high in omega 3’s and selenium
  • wild salmon – which is high in omega 3’s and antioxidants
  • shrimp – high in iodine
  • herring
  • anchovies
  • trout
  • Atlantic and Pacific mackerel
  • and oysters (cooked) – mostly high in zinc

Some fish are also brilliant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Such special fats, that must be included in our diet, help in fighting inflammation and support eye, brain and nervous system development. 

  1. Dates

A recent study suggests that moms who ate 6 dates per day in their last month of pregnancy had shorter labors and were significantly more dilated. In the last 6 weeks of pregnancy, you can add 1 or 2 to a smoothie to make it nutritious and healthy. 

  1. Organic Eggs

Eggs are a brilliant source of protein, fat, and vital nutrients for mama and baby. When you choose organic, pastured eggs which are the highest quality eggs with the best nutrition. Moreover, eggs are a pure form of protein, which helps big time during pregnancy.

  1. Legumes

Beans are an outstanding and cheap form of protein and fiber, while being rich in B vitamins, iron,  magnesium, zinc and potassium. Lentils, Garbanzo beans, Black beans will avail required nutrients to give you and your baby the right growth elements.


Enjoying these pregnancy super foods regularly which will give you and your baby great nutrition.

Note: Please discuss with your doctor once you follow these foods as some people may be allergic to them.