Diaper Disposal Dos and Don’ts from R for Rabbit

16 Jan 2024
Diaper Disposal Dos and Don’ts from R for Rabbit-R for Rabbit

Diapers are an inseparable part of babyhood, making the parent's life at ease and more comfortable and letting the tot enjoy his life in the best possible way. However, as the use of diapers has increased significantly in the past few years, there are worries about their impact on the environment if not disposed of properly.

Today, as a responsible baby brand, we would like to talk about the diaper disposal guide that every parent should be conscious of as they are not only liable for giving the best care to their darlings but also accountable to the environment.

We will keep it as simple as possible with the dos and don'ts since we want to spread awareness to a maximum number of young parents using diapers for their munchkins or toddlers.

So, keep reading, and we suggest you implement these tips for a better impact since if every parent understands their duty, the overall effect will be huge. But before we jump to the diaper disposal methods, let us know the different types of baby diapers available in the market.

Diverse Types of Baby Diapers Accessible in the Market

  • Cloth Diapers: Also known as reusable diapers, these are one of the oldest diaper types used by parents. Though there have been constant improvements in design, the cloth diapers have limited soaking capabilities and, therefore, need quick changes. The latest layered cloth diapers still offer extended usage duration, but the change frequency is higher if you compare them to disposable ones. Thus, these are great options to use at home during the daytime. 
  • Disposable Diapers: The most popular category of diapers that render the best utility for parents seeking longer absorption and healthy skin without any side effects. These are compact and convenient as modern diapers are skin-friendly. There are regular, pull-up, and underwear-style disposable diapers designed for different age groups; hence, as parents, you can choose the appropriate one. 
  • Eco-friendly Diapers: These are relatively new diaper types and still need to mark their presence in the market. Made of decomposable components like corn, bamboo, wheat, etc., and have no chemical-based formulations, the eco-friendly diapers ensure minimal environmental pollution as they don’t stay in landfills for years. However, these definitely are a costlier alternative to disposable diapers, and people are less aware of the product.

Comprehensive Guide to Hygienic and Eco-Friendly Diaper Disposal

We appreciate that every parent wants to render the best products and care to their tiny tots, and hence, using diapers is a common practice.

However, with a few simple steps in your day-to-day routine, you can transform and contribute your bit to making the Earth a better planet to live on.

Here are some ideas that you should consider whenever you take off a wet or soiled diaper.

Disposable Diaper Disposal

Some parents tend to ignore diaper disposal hygiene and just want to get rid of the stinking wet diaper, ending up tossing it directly into a dustbin, which is piled up in landfills later on. To avoid such menace, you should follow the tips below:

  • Seal diapers in scented bags or pail liners: You definitely should invest in a good quality diaper. However, we also recommend you buy diaper disposal bags or pail liners. These are available online and are not too expensive but are indeed of great use. The scented bags let you seal the soiled diapers without creating a mess and also help avert the smell, thus making it a great buy and must-have for parents.
  • Empty diaper pail frequently: If you prefer using a diaper pail, make sure you empty it on a regular basis and pack the dirty diapers properly before disposal. Also, we suggest you clean the pail properly and have at least two or more pails for rotation.
  • Never flush down the toilet: The worst way to dispose of a diaper is to flush it down the toilet as it will block the draining pipe some or other day, creating a massive problem for you. So, if you are disposing of diapers down the toilet drain, stop it right now, or else you will regret doing it later.
  • Use outdoor trash bins, not indoor: Use a separate bin in sealed bags for trashing the diapers, and preferably place it outside so that there is not an awkward smell inside the house. The separate disposal is an excellent help for the garbage collectors since they know how to handle it and do not need to segregate the waste from the rest of regular household waste.

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Cloth Diaper Disposal

Experts and doctors suggest that parents should give their kids diaper-free time, which means that you should use cloth diapers for short durations and let the baby's skin breathe and dry up before you put on the disposable diaper again. So, how should you handle the cloth diapers?

  • Rinse the faeces into the toilet: If your child has soiled the cloth diaper, rinse the waste into the toilet and flush it off. Washing off the waste, there isn't any filth, and you can put the diaper into the washing machine along with other clothes as well.
  • Cleanse in hot water with bleach-free detergent: You can either wash the diapers by hand or in a washing machine according to your convenience, but make sure you use a good quality mild detergent. If you use a cleansing agent with strong chemicals, you may be content with the cleaning, but it may have side effects on your kid's skin in the long run. Also, it will be best to use hot water for clean washing so that the bacteria and viruses are eradicated completely, making the diapers safe for reuse.
  • Air dry the washed diapers in sunlight to eradicate odour: Once the washing is done, put the cloth diapers in the sun to dry and store them properly in a clean place for easy access.
  • Disinfect the diaper pail regularly: If you do not want to wash the cloth diapers now and then, use a diaper pail to store dirty ones and wash them once a day. However, you should disinfect the pail properly, let it dry, and have enough sets for the daytime.

Diaper Disposal while Travelling with the Baby

You may be concerned about disposing of diapers while travelling with your little one, and it indeed is something you should consider and plan properly in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. Below are some interesting tips that will help you travel worry-free anywhere:

  • Carry small wet bags: When travelling, you should always carry a pack of wet wipes for cleaning and wet bags for storing the soiled diapers. Do not just throw the used diapers anywhere or in dustbins directly. Instead, seal them in wet bags tightly so that the odour is restricted.
  • Use diaper genie refills: A great alternative to wet bags is the diaper Genie refills since these allow you to trash several diapers in one bag without any mess or bad smell. If possible, carry your genie refills and enjoy your trip.
  • Find baby changing stations: During long drives and trips, take halts in between whenever you see a place with baby changing stations. This will let you change the diapers in a clean environment and let your munchkin feel refreshed.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

Suppose you are an aware parent and want to take a step towards a positive impact on the environment by switching to eco-friendly diapers. In that case, it indeed is a great initiative that you will never regret.

Brands are offering plant-based diapers that work amazingly well and are easy to dispose of. Also, with the increasing awareness about this diaper type, companies are offering compostable diaper services where they collect the trash and ensure proper eco-friendly diaper disposal with minimal impact on the environment. This revolution is undoubtedly set to have a commendable impact in cutting down landfill waste.

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Key Takeaways

So now that you are aware of the dos and don'ts, we believe that you will implement these in your daily routine and be a responsible parent and citizen. While for disposable diapers, separate trash bins and sealing the waste in bags are essential, you should also be cautious of disposal while travelling.

In order to improve your travel experience with your kiddo, you can consider buying a diaper bag since it lets you store all baby care essentials in one place, making everything easily accessible whenever required. R for Rabbit has a wide range of diaper bags with practical and functional designs to match the diverse parent's needs.

With the proper diaper changing and disposal practices, you can keep your baby clean, maintain a hygienic and odour-free home and reduce the environmental impact considerably. Just go ahead and start implementing the techniques for a better life today and tomorrow!

Faq's On Diaper Disposal Dos and Don’ts from R for Rabbit


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