How stacking toys help to develop various skills

13 Sep 2019
How stacking toys help to develop various skills-R for Rabbit

How stacking toys help to develop various skills

From birth till the child becomes 3 years of age, nervous system is getting developed, so it’s important they practice activities that develop skills like social skills, problem solving skills, fine/gross motor skills, language and many others to make them happy and successful adults! Stacking toy is one such activity which is packed with all these skills. Don’t miss to buy this stacking/nesting toy for your little one, as it helps to learn lot of new skills! Let’s have a look on how stacking toys help the child grow!

  • Fine motor skills- It is a favorite past time of toddlers to pick items up and stack them, this activity helps them learn very important skill of making nimble movements of thumb and forefinger to grasp the object. They will now know how to move, order, screw any objects to achieve their desired task. They will now be able to understand the world, like they will get familiar to shape, size, weight, height, colours, textures, sequence and comparison of objects.
  • Hand-eye co-ordination- Stacking helps the child visualize the object and get information from the eyes as to how to move hands and object in relation to body and other pieces to place it systematically. Placing objects on top of each other or locking with one another lets them learn how to balance objects so that they don’t topple.
  • Gross motor skills- While stacking child needs to sit and balance core muscles in order to move hands freely. This activity will help the child to master the ability to control his/her body movements which are in coordination to stacking activity.
  • Creative skills- Child will show you many different ways in which the toy can be played! Like they will wear the stacking rings as bangles or they will simply roll the rings and see how far it goes! While with the nesting cups, they will try to fill in water/sand or just use it as a cap! In this way child’s imagination skills widens! This skill will help the child to become intelligent and adaptable to change in future!
  • Social skills- As parent we should encourage child to play with their friends! Building blocks together will help the child learn new things simply by observing other children. They will learn sharing their toys with other kids, working in team, taking turns and communication skills.
  • Problem solving- Making a tower is a challenge for child. They will use trial and error method to make the blocks fit into other blocks and balance them! They will learn to problem solve if any of the blocks is misfit and try again to fit in the blocks.
  • Spatial Intelligence-In order to form different structures, child visualizes how each block should be placed in relation to other blocks. This activity will help the child perceive things and incorporate it easily!
  • Language skills- We can introduce different words like “we will put blue cup on top of the red cup” or “Yellow ring is smaller than green ring” or “we have stacked 3 rings 2 are remaining” In this way they will recognize colours, identify the placement as above or below, compare the objects as one is bigger than another and counting of objects!

Looking at the benefits, it can be said that stacking can be made quite interesting as well as it provides lot of learning through fun!

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