How to Prepare Toddle for Potty Training?

24 Jan 2019
How to Prepare Toddle for Potty Training?-R for Rabbit

How to Prepare Toddle for Potty Training?

Have you ever wished that your toddler gets into toilet for the job? Every parent wants their toddler to be free from diapers and start using potty instead.
It can be done only when you train them properly for Potty Training, and it’s a big task for parent to make the toddler learn.

Now the question comes “When Should You Start Potty Training Your Toddler?” So, there is no perfect age to toilet train the child. It completely depends on the readiness to the transition.
Below are the tips that work while you prepare your toddler for potty training.

  1. Select a right time

Avoid potty training when the toddler is likely to be stressed up. You can also select time as per the season. Summer is the best time for potty training as the toddler is likely to wear less clothes and cleaning of clothes will not be too messy.

  1. Fix a weekend

Keep your 3 days of weekend completely free and don’t fix any appointment on those days. You can use the 3 days to train the toddler properly.

    1. Keep all the supplies

    Keep yourself equipped with tissues and extra clothes for your toddler. Extra clothes are useful in case your child is not able to control his bladder or bowel movements

    1. Introduce toddler with potty chair

    Buy a cute potty seat for your baby which your toddler will love to get trained with it.  You can look for potty seats from R for Rabbit (Click Here).

    After purchasing the potty seat, you have to tell your toddler that from now on he/she have to pee and poop in the potty seat and not in the diaper.

      1. Have a trial run a day before training

      Just a day ahead of the training day, make your toddler wear nothing but just oversized T-Shirt for 2 hours or so. Ask him to let you know when he/she wants to urinate or defecate and keep an eye on the child and gauge his/her behavior. If you feel that toddler has to use the toilet but is not able to express it to you, put a diaper right away.


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