C-Section Recovery: Best Exercises for Indian Moms

3 Gentle Exercises for Mothers Post 12 Weeks Of C-Section

29 Jan 2024
3 Gentle Exercises for Mothers Post 12 Weeks Of C-Section-R for Rabbit

Childbirth via C-section has become relatively common in India. However, mommies-to-be still feel apprehensive about how the healing post-childbirth will go about, and we understand that this is a natural apprehension as you have so many things to hustle with.

There were times when C-section was deemed to be taboo, but with the changing times, the acceptance of the procedure has increased.

If you are about to deliver, and your doctor has suggested you go for a C-section, this blog is for you since we will be discussing the C-section recovery timeline and some gentle workouts that you can practice after complete healing to gain mobility and confidence.

So, read this interesting and informative blog and have a better understanding of what awaits you after delivering the baby and what approach will be the best for fast recovery.

Painful Abdominal Surgery, Postpartum Stress and Body Changes

A C-section involves abdominal surgery, which indeed is painful and causes discomfort along with the typical postpartum stress and body changes. For the first few days, expect to stay in the hospital and transition slowly into motherhood. Once you are discharged, take a few more days to let the baby settle down in the new environment, and do not over-stress.

If you are planning to get back to an active routine, you need to wait until 12 weeks and then start with C-section recovery exercises.

However, around 6-8 weeks, you can start with walks and move towards the regular life routine that you were following before childbirth. Once you start exercising, your goal should be restoring mobility and strengthening the core with safety measures.

Fitness Routine and Safe Exercises for C-section Recovery

To make it simpler for you, we are sharing a fitness routine and safe exercises for C-section recovery by an expert pregnancy fitness trainer, Dr Shivani Sanghvi. However, we still recommend you consult your doctor before you start with it.

Even though taking out me-time with an infant in the house is a real challenge, the 12 weeks post-C-section workout and set of exercises are simple to do, which makes the scenario easy. So, let us not wait and start with it right away.

1. Knee Ups

One of the practical yet gentle workouts after C-section delivery is knee-ups. You may be thinking that this is a leg exercise, but this one is to strengthen your core and work your inner thighs along with your abs and hips.

Indeed, it works phenomenally and does not stress your body too much, so you do not have to be concerned while exercising. The best part is that you don’t require any special exercise gear.

How to do it: Stand straight on an even surface and knees straight in a comfortable position. Keep your feet slightly apart, and now engage the core muscles of the sides, abdomen, and lower back. If you are unable to balance well, stand near a wall or a counter for support.

Now raise one knee so that the thigh comes to the floor level and start breathing deeply in and out. Hold the posture for a few seconds, and the back should be straight. Now, put the leg down and repeat it with the other leg.

Once you are a pro, you can start clapping your hands straight above the head and below the thigh as you lift the leg for better impact. Initially, do a number of repetitions that you are comfortable with and slowly move to 15 counts on each side; two sets are enough.

2. Cross Knee Ups

Another common exercise from the 12-week post-C-section workout routine is cross knee ups that help stabilize your core, trim down the waist, and also target obliques and hip flexors. While doing this exercise, your heart rate will increase, which ensures fat burn, and your body warms up, making you feel lighter.

How to do it: Stand straight, and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Fold and place your hands behind the head, and now move the knee up while you bring down the opposite elbow to touch each other. It might seem easy but expect to attain perfection only after you have been exercising before delivery since your body has changed a lot.

While you perform this exercise, try squeezing your abs and rotate the torso for better impact. Repeat the same with the other knee with alternating sides. You also need to take care of breathing patterns during this exercise. So, breathe out as the knee comes up, and breathe in as the leg goes down.

You should complete two sets of 15 counts on each side and take a break of a few seconds in between the two sets. Also, be calm and avoid getting over-excited and performing it quickly, as it would strain the stitches on the abdomen.

3. Leg Raises

There are several variations of leg raises, but when we talk about exercise post-delivery, you need to follow the simplest version since it will strengthen your hip muscles and lower abs without any strain. The training will aid in stabilizing your trunk, which plays a vibrant role in everyday life since you become quicker and fitter.

If you are suffering from lower back discomfort, this movement is most suitable for you, but make sure that you accomplish it correctly for the best outcomes.

How to do it: Use a yoga mat or sheet to lay down straight so that your back is glued to the floor, and there is not any space between the lower back and the base. Next, fold one leg and place the feet onto the mat while the other leg should be straight on the floor. Using your core strength, raise the straightened leg while keeping the toes and feet relaxed.

Once your legs reach 90 degrees, bring it back to the base. While doing this training, you must inhale while raising the leg up and exhale the air out as the leg goes back to the floor.

Over time, as you get acquainted with it, you can raise the difficulty level by extending both legs together and holding them at a certain angle for a few seconds. 

Two sets of 10 counts on each leg are enough to start with the exercise routine, and you can increase the repetitions slowly as per your body capacity.

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Additional Tips and Recommendations for Mothers

So, now that you are done reading, you can start your fitness routine and take small steps towards an active life. We know you are very excited to start this journey, but make sure you do not overdo it in the initial days.

Hence, here are some additional tips that you should never forget when exercising since we do not want young mommies to feel exhausted and strained as you already have a tiny angel to take care of. Your focus should be your infant’s health and care; therefore, if you are joyful and healthy, you will be able to nurture a happy kid.

1. Listen to your body

It is essential to comprehend that every new mum’s body and stamina are different; hence, you should not compare yourself to anyone around you. Listen to the cues that your body gives you.

If you perform these exercises correctly, even a few reps will make you feel lighter and brighter. Make changes in your lifestyle and routine according to your body, and keep moving ahead.

2. Stop if you feel pain

Getting back to your usual self is a time-consuming process; hence, do not overexert yourself just because you want to look fit. If you are facing severe body aches, it is better to stop for a while and let your body heal completely before you start over again.

Continuing exercising, even when the body is not allowing you to do so, will only lead to a frustrated you, and this will have a direct impact on your inputs in baby care and daily routine.

3. Start slow and increase gradually

As said earlier, slow, and steady wins the race, so do not feel guilty if you are not able to do the exact number of repetitions as mentioned by the expert.

Initially, you may end up doing just five reps of one exercise, but believe us, it is more important that you have that sense of achievement than the disappointment of not achieving the target.

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Key Takeaways

You are in the best phase of your life, called motherhood, and starting with the exercise routine will let you gain energy, confidence, and strength steadily and safely.

If you still are not sure of the best post-C-section exercises in India, consult your doctor or a trained fitness expert for the best advice. For any mom and baby care information, you can also check out the R for Rabbit’s website, as various topics would help you have a better life and render better care to the little one.

Faq's On 3 Gentle Exercises for Mothers Post 12 Weeks Of C-Section


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