Diaper Rash Prevention: Top 6 Helpful Tips for Indian Parents

Top 6 Helpful Tips To Prevent Diaper Rash

22 Mar 2022
Top 6 Helpful Tips To Prevent Diaper Rash-R for Rabbit


It is very common for toddlers and cute newborns to suffer from diaper rash. If the diaper rashes are left untreated, it might lead to red spots and scales on the child’s skin. And diaper rash are not just restricted to lower areas but they can extend up the child’s legs and even to the stomach in some situations. If the skin is under a warm, damp condition then it makes the chances of getting the rash from a diaper. Low breathability makes diapers ideal breeding grounds for a diaper rash. Some other reasons for diaper rash are:

Tight diapers

Sensitive and irritated skin


new foods

Here are some of the tips for diaper rashes

Keep Baby Diaper Clean and Dry

The most significant thing you can do to prevent and treat a rash is to keep the baby's diaper dry and clean. During the time you change the diaper, gently clean the area with a soft cloth or water-based soft wipes. Don’t rub the skin too hard with wipes or cloth. Give your child some diaper-free time so that child’s skin can get some fresh air

Change Diapers Often

Change diapers as soon as it gets wet. Only a bit of moisture to cause a rash, if the diaper is not enough breathable then a little bit of moisture will cause harm to the baby’s skin. So that is the reason it has to be changed frequently.

Switch To Disposable Diapers

Cloth diapers might have several benefits, but those are not the perfect choice when your child has a diaper rash. If your baby gets rash then switch to disposable diapers as they will help in keeping the child dry and can help in healing the skin faster.

Make Your Child Wear Perfect Size Diaper

Making the baby wear the wrong size diaper can boost the chances of getting a skin rash. A diaper that is too tight can cause an accumulation of moisture and increase rash growth. Whereas a loose diaper can rub against a baby’s legs and friction can cause a rash. So a perfect size is a must to escape the diaper rashes.

Apply Soothing Creams

Using zinc-rich pastes or barrier creams will soothe the skin from feces and other irritating substances. Some of the Jelly-like products like Vaseline or other creams will be helpful for your child.

High Breathable Diapers

One of the most important things about diapers is that they should be highly breathable which will let air pass through and protect children from rashes. Get R for Rabbit Feather Diapers which are highly breathable as they have 10 million pores that let air pass through with ease. Feather diapers are also very thin and soft and your baby will love to wear them.