Understanding Tears: Why Is My Baby Crying? Uncover the 9 Reasons!

Why is my Baby Crying?

25 Jul 2020
Why is my Baby Crying?

Babies cry! No matter what they need, crying is the only way of communication for them till the time they learn to talk. This can sometimes be frustrating; not knowing what babies want when they cry!

Before trying to soothe your baby, check if any of the below stated are the reasons for your baby crying.

Hunger - This is the first thing that comes to our mind when a baby cries. Some other signs to know that your baby is hungry include fussing, smacking of lips, trying to suckle your hand when you stroke their cheek and putting their hands in their mouth.

A dirty nappy - Most children cry immediately as their nappies get dirty, while some tolerate a dirty nappy till the it starts irritating their skin; trick is to keep checking.

Needs to sleep – Babies get cranky when they are very tired. They often find it hard to sleep when they are overtired. In such cases, take your baby to a quiet room and help her calm down, make low sshhh sound and swaddle her, this will help put her to sleep.

Wants to be held close- Babies require a lot of cuddling. They like to see their parents’ face, hear their voices and heartbeats. Sometimes crying can be their way of asking you to hold them close.

Feeling too hot or too cold – Check whether your baby is too hot or cold by feeling her tummy. If her tummy feels too hot, remove a blanket, and if it feels cold, simply add one. Make sure the blanket is not very heavy in weight.

Wind – Make sure your baby’s head and ears are covered with baby cap, this will protect your child from wind.

Teething – Teething can be painful as the new tooth pushes through tender gums of your child. The first tooth breaks through at the age of 4-7 months. In this case you may provide your child with a teether to chew.

Tummy problems – If your baby cries or fusses right after being fed, she may be feeling some sort of tummy pain. Hold your baby over your shoulder and slowly rub her back with light pats, making her burp can reduce tummy pain associated with gas. In case of colic, consult a paediatrician.

Not feeling well – If you have check all the above needs and your baby is still crying, she might must not be feeling well. Consult a paediatrician in this case.